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Linux Distro Preference Opinion

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Posted 12 April 2017 - 07:23 AM

What distros have you used and which ones do you like?

I used Fedora some years ago, I found out later I used it at the height of the stability issues they had for a time, did some damage to my credibility because I evangelized an uninteresting, software challenged, unstable Linux distro that I didn't understand. 

EDIT: Fedora is more stable now and as the first distributor of Wayland, arguably the most future oriented, I just lost the credibility because I talked folks into something that did not work for them.

I got suggested Mint by a coworker a year or two ago and revitalized my interest, Mint has most of the advantages of Ubuntu and none of the Unity. I love Cinnamon in terms of how good it looks and the features it offers fresh off the install. I use this at work because its stable in an effective way.


I used Antergos(Arch, basically) with XFCE on a weaker laptop of mine, tried to run it lightweight and keep it quick since its got a low-grade i3 and about 4GB of RAM. I don't like XFCE much, lack of a search function and some specific basic keybinds make it feel disproportionately "cut down" against desktop environments with not-that-bad performance like Cinnamon. I am probably going to Nuke and Pave that laptop again soon.

I have Arch with Plasma(KDE) on my gaming PC because I wanted to try it, but I've not booted into it again because I pretty much only game on that PC, I use a tablet/laptop in the living room for basic browser-oriented tasks and general surfing. I've got a Nexus 6P as well, so going back to the computer room to sit at a desk is only for when I require my gaming PC's services.

I sort of "checked out" a work laptop to myself because of how weak my personal laptop was. It's a Lenovo T430, so it's nothing to write home about but it's got an i5 and room to expand RAM and HDD space. It's also in better physical condition since my laptop bag in college was my book bag, the old laptop took a lot of hits. I'm presently dual-booting Solus and Win7. The Win7 is mostly a concession to not removing the default OS from a work device.

Solus is a curated rolling-release distro, they essentially limit the software in their repos to stuff they find well  supported, active projects, desired by a good amount of folks.  The OS is rolling release but because of the curation of core apps, they try to guarantee a really low failure rate for apps after updates. The Budgie desktop environment they package with it is quite nice, they also support MATE. Software support is surprisingly good given the amount of whinging I see about lack of software in the distro. They  do take requests and there's solutions for installing whatever you want, but sticking to officially supported components will provide a certain QOS or so I imagine they would say.


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