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In Topic: So.. I cut the cable today...

Today, 07:12 AM

I haven't used Hulu in years. Is it good?

In Topic: Villains

Today, 07:10 AM

The best villains are always the ones you sympathize with even just a little.


Or who have a good redemption arc (Vader).


Also, I am way better at naming Disney villains than any other genre... :<_<:

In Topic: Ultimate Villain Showdown

Today, 07:06 AM

I recognize one of those lines.

In Topic: D&D; what's your favorite race and class to play?

Today, 06:57 AM

Okay, so four years later, I would go with halfling rogue. Or some sort of healer. Or a tiefling.

In Topic: Super important thread you need to read right now (seriously)

03 March 2018 - 02:18 PM

How about... Ned and Nina?