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In Topic: Controllers

Today, 05:29 AM

 the Atari Jaguar had no excuse

You could end that sentence right there, really.

In Topic: Sexy K-pop

Today, 05:28 AM

Perhaps this makes me a snob, but that's not particularly something I take into account when choosing songs.

In Topic: Batman for president

Today, 05:26 AM

I'm not a fan of Biden at fucking all, but the important thing is fuck Trump. So I will be voting for Biden come hell or high water in November.

In Topic: Next Generation

Today, 05:24 AM

The characters are literally why I love TNG; couldn't tell you a thing about the plot, so you're not wrong.

In Topic: Lazy Eye

Today, 05:21 AM

 Especially during the pandemic. They can't go anywhere anyway after losing their jobs.

That's not lazy; that's survival.


Also that part about tumblr is a true story. That was a shitty event involving some shitty people. Witchhunts are not fun.