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03 February 2013 - 06:32 AM

Just finished reading the six issue long "Iron man - Extremis". Fantastic comic book. Anyone else that has read it and have any comments about it? If you haven't yet, I recommend it.

Basically, the story centers around a darker Tony Stark, the alcoholic that can't look himself in the mirror without wearing a mask. It also incorporates an "updated version" of the origin story. The bad guy is a person called "Mallen", whose associates have stolen a new drug called "Extremis", from a science lab in Texas. "Extremis" is a prototype enhancement drug created to improve humans, basically changing the blueprint of the brain, recreate the body and kind of make everything 2.0.

Tried not getting any spoilers in there, go read it! I myself read it in classic comic version, but I understand there is a motion comic version of it on youtube!