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In Topic: Star Wars Episode 7 Story Speculation

13 May 2013 - 03:36 PM

Thing is, Disney owns more or less everything nowadays - question is if we shouldn't be more concerned about whether or not JJ. Abrams will do a good job on it! 

In Topic: Iron Man 3 Trailer released!

03 February 2013 - 10:46 AM

By the way, is there anyone who knows why the Mandarin calls himself "The Mandarin"? Is it something having to do with his chinese heritage?


03 February 2013 - 08:29 AM

love extremis Mr.Mcduck, and for those who don't know, they're using elements from this for the new movie, so if you can't wait, i suggest reading it as well

They are?! Damn, I was for hoping them to! There is a lot to be inspired by in this book, both regarding Starks personality and plotwise.

In Topic: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

28 January 2013 - 12:56 PM

Meh. I like historical fiction to be historical.

But alternate histories can be cool too.

I'm on your side on that - most of the time, a story can't get better or deeper than the Real True story.

However, as a history teacher I love that this movie has been made! Didn't like it myself (got through about half of it), butI'm pretty sure that my students won't volunteerily watch, say, "Lincoln". But they Will watch "Abraham Lincolb - Vampire Hunter", and then hopefully one of them will come to me and say "was he really a vampire hunter?", and BAM - I have a perfectly good angle of approaching The American revolution, the civil war, etc. etc. :)

In Topic: Heroes you actually strive to be

27 January 2013 - 08:27 AM

Odysseus. I loved the man as a kid. Strong and powerful, yet he used his mind to trick his enemies. Charismatic and cunning, he was definitely a character I emulated.

I read Sherlock Holmes as a kid and decided I wanted to be like that. I started paying attention to people’s faces, their mannerisms, the way they talked. It was my first anthropological study. I have became pretty good at it, not on Holmes’ level or anything, but I can usually guess what a person is thinking, I can guess what my friends will do in a certain situation. It’s became a game of sorts, when a friend wants to gossip about someone, I’ll make a prediction. About 7 out of 10 times I’m correct. (See the Kant quote in my sig)

The thing about Holmes, as with so many other heroes in different ways, is his incapability of having a "normal" life. Apart from say Spidey, who has to protect those he loves, Sherlock doesn't want a life different from the one he has, or be something else than what he is. But there is a very dark side to Sherlock, that I found when reading him almost endlessly for about a year. When you read him you begin to act like him, develop amateur versions of his capabilities which is Awesome because it can actually be done! But I found that it's easy to also begin feeling a bit like him, question social capabilities and need for "superficial relationships and conversations". What I'm getting at is that Holmes is one of the heroes whose powers are actually possible in our world to achieve. And that "reality" of him, is probably his best quality, at the same time as it makes it questionable to want to be like him - in case one would actually start becoming like him.