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I Can Build It, I Have The Technology

18 January 2017 - 10:24 AM

I've been meaning to start a thread where I can show off some of the little projects I accomplish from time to time and now I'm finally getting it up here. I don't have a specific type of thing that I build, or even an amazing quality every time, but some of my stuff gets me excited enough to want to share. So prepare to me whelmed.


This first project I'm posting is the one that made me want to start sharing my projects because it turned out pretty good.

A while back my bed exploded, possibly because of sexy reasons, and it was time for an upgrade.

The old one was a queen size and wasn't really big enough to be comfy so we went out and got a pretty awesome king size mattress.

The frames for king mattresses were either insanely expensive of huge pieces of shit, so I decided to use my fancy pants cabinetmaking skills to make my own.


I don't have any progress pictures for this one, but the lumber I used was from the hardwood flooring factory I used to work at.

It's structurally sound but such shitty quality that they had to invent a new level of grading for it because it didn't fit even the lowest available grade for truck flooring. Which makes me even happier with my work because I took piss poor garbage truck flooring and turned it into something decent looking.


Here is a shot from the side with the mattress already thrown on top:




Another showing more of the corner:




And a third showing the whole thing put together with blankets and whatnot:




The loose corner in the second picture is because I had to build it in four pieces so that I could disassemble it, fir it through my bedroom door, then reassemble in to the finished product. I fixed them corners by screwing metal corner brackets on the inside to keep it tight.


I didn't do anything spectacular to make it look good, pretty much just sanded it properly and stained it a nice rich brown.

The bare wood colour was gross and pale because it is made from not pretty oak, so stain was a must.

I used that inward angle to make it pretty and because it allowed me to use the bottom board (the one sitting on the floor) as a rest for the boards I laid side to side underneath the mattress for support. I jumped around as hard as I could on the mattress support boards to make sure they were solid, and if a 200lb man trying to break something can't break something it isn't going to break my accident.


Bonus: That fuzzy brown thing in the bottom left of the finished product picture is the sleeve of my Chewbacca housecoat, which is the comfiest shit I have ever owned.

Well Shit

15 December 2016 - 02:19 PM

So a few minutes ago whilst responding to Sympa's status thing my hand got an itch right in the center of my palm and I absent mindedly scratched it. Which tickled and I smirked. Then a scary thought dawned on me and I tried tickling myself in some other normal places like armpits, sides, back of the knees. Turns out I can tickle myself, and as some of you probably know that is a potential symptom of schizophrenia. I already have a few other symptom type things that line up with schizophrenia and this is kind of fucking me up. None of the symptoms have ever affected my life in a negative way and I have never felt out of control of myself, but it's a bit of a mind fuck to have a handful of little things add up to even being suspicious of schizophrenia.


I'm not losing my shit or anything, it's just a bit of a haymaker out of nowhere in the middle of my work day.

I tend not to leap at any self diagnosis with certainty, but enough things have added up to put me off balance.