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In Topic: Aliens Or Zombies?

Yesterday, 09:05 PM

How would you tell if bacteria was super intelligent? 

It doesn't have to have any sort of intelligence to fall in to the certain death percentage of alien arrival.

In Topic: Kid Logic

Yesterday, 12:47 PM

It wasn't a mean laughter, and I understand why it brought on so much of it.

But at seven you take it personally.

I also tripped leaving the room because I was wearing moon shoes and caught a bad bounce, which lead to even more laughter.

I was something of a one man how when I was a kid.

In Topic: Aliens Or Zombies?

Yesterday, 12:44 PM

Zombies are pretty much guaranteed to destroy civilisation as we know it, but are comparably easy to handle/survive.

Aliens showing up has the potential for our destruction, but also the potential for the means being provided to our species to expand in to space and/or improve out total global well being. If the aliens are hostile we are quite probably fucked. So it's a toss up between a definite threat that we can more easily manage, or a potential threat that will certainly destroy us.


So on that grounds I would have to go with aliens.

The odds are in favour of that scenario being beneficial compared to the alternative.

In Topic: Very serious, important thread

Yesterday, 12:40 PM

If we are going all feudal then I feel like some of us should be given fiefs and proper recognition as knights of the realm.

In Topic: Kid Logic

Yesterday, 08:27 AM


The fear is real Spleen, stay the fuck away from China.



I thought one day I'd make good money and be able to afford a house.

Look at you with your crazy fantasies about having a comfortable life and a home to call your own.





Also, the replies to this thread are GREAT! Love you guys!


TO THIS DAY, I see the Disney signature as starting with a capital G.



I too have always seen it a a G.

Then one day, maybe somewhere around the age of 20 it clicked in my head and I realised it was a super fancy D.

I know many who thought the same, so I'm blaming poor design rather than childhood stupidity on this one.


When I was little I thought that Albuquerque was pronounced like Bugs Bunny says it because that's the only time I hear the word.

I then proceeded to tell my mom that someone's ass was a big as Albaquoiky and everyone laughed at me for way, way too long.