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#98148 11 Things Atheists Can't Do

Posted by EmeraldPhysics on 02 January 2016 - 03:06 PM

So im a Christian and by the chats I've seen from most people on the topic will be disgusted by my view on religion but if your going to criticise me read my opinions first.


-I support same-sex marriage

-I believe its okay for everyone to have different views and beliefs


I hate other Christians who will hate any Gay man or women for who they are. im not mad with religion, I was just brought up as a Christian. I wouldn't shame anybody for being atheist, Muslim,Jewish, ect. and I don't make assumptions on they religion a person is. for example I know not all Muslim's are a part of ISIS and just because im in the same religion as a crazy woman on the internet saying gay marriage is hell. doesn't mean I believe what she is saying. we all bend our opinions of religion okay. I believe the bible saying same sex marriage isn't natural  is wrong, sure, I believe in God but just that, what's wrong in that?


okay, I must confess im not a great Christian, but  hope my sins will be forgiven, i hope none of you attack me. im not a preacher, im not coming onto this website to say "YOU ALL MUST CONVERT" I believe onl really bad people would go to hell. like Hitler, Isis. people like that. I dong judge people on their religion. i judge hem on personality

#96943 Greetings..

Posted by EmeraldPhysics on 06 November 2015 - 05:07 PM

Hello guys!

I'm EmeraldPhysics Although just call me Emerald

(I Called myself EmeraldPhysics because I like Physics and Emerald was Taken)

I would like to make friends with people because im not somebody who says they're a nerd and just know about the Internet and stuff. I mean I have not many friend's because of my intellectual skill. I am properly looking to boost my career aspects towards an architect, I think I do brilliant drawings and maybe I can show you one day. I'm not in it for the money (As in im not greedy) I just want to help people build homes and the architecture career has been boosting since architects build modern homes and they look stylish and almost futuristic. as you have probably seen my profile picture I am quite a massive fan off back to the future and have some loop holes I want to discuss. but I will save it for a post! I like all sci-fi to be honest. Doctor Who, Star Trek and I will see the new Star Wars! as well as the Hunger Games. I think I will be making a few posts about katniss Killing Snow. (Oh,  just spoiled it for you? so you never though Katniss would kill Snow? are you kidding me?) I am a Fan of Bond, as I live in the United Kingdom. (and yes, I am writing this while fireworks are going off outside my house. its Nov 5th and what we call Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes night, its special to us  because there was a guy, Called Guy Fawkes (Ironic) He tried to blow up Westminster with Gunpowder. after his friend Tolled authorities about the attack he was soon arrested and Westminster never blew up. from that day froward we celebrate it buy having fireworks every night off that year)


I think off myself as one off the biggest Whovians off all, why? Beacuse:

-Been on the TARDIS Set (real :http://www.doctorwho...t/tardis-tours/)

-Been To The Experience

-Been to Cardiff Bay, Captain Jack and Torchwood HQ also where Martha and The Doctor Wave him Off 

-Been To Eddies Diner, The set in which in the Impossible astronaut the Dinner used is real and in Cardiff, as well!

-Been to a tour showing places they have Filmed. For example: Leadworth (The Eleventh Hour) ,Clara's Christmas Gravestone (The Snowmen) Sarah-Janes House (Journey's End, The Sarah Jane Adventure's), The house for Noble's (Turn left), the street that the Doctor and kaylie Monogue beamed Down to (Titanic), Small Back Street In which the 9th Doctor Arrives in (World War 2) Interested in the Tour?:http://britmovietour...r-of-locations/)

-Seen at least one of every doctors Episodes (Except 6th. I hate 6th)

-Met an extra from World War 3


This is Me and My ever growing Nerd/Geek Intellectuality