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My Guesses on Hell Bent - Doctor Who

04 December 2015 - 02:42 AM

Hell Bent

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So, The Series Finale, Here is my Opinions and Guesses from the Next Time and Trailer's to what will be happening on Galifrey,

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So First, The Sisterhood of Karn will be returning, just as they did in the first two parter. Probably to decide the Doctor's Future, If you remember the Screaming Timelord which looks like he's regenerating, something of that face reminded me of David Tennant.

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I saw this picture on Google image's if anyone can remember its Eddie's diner used in The Impossible astronaut, I have been to this Restaurant in Cardiff.

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Last The Spaceship, Doesn't look like a Dalek Spaceship, nor a Cybership or a Zygon Ship. maybe a new enemy for the doctor to face, Secondly the House, its the Doctor's old house, used in The 50th and in one of series 8


That's my opinion, anyone else build on it?


Hell Bent Discussion

01 December 2015 - 07:03 AM

Doctor Who, Series 9 : Hell Bent


Okay, so as soon as I saw the next time trailer I just Lost it and couldn't function till the next day,

Whovians, I would like to hear your opinions on Galifrey. returning through the war. The. Endless. Bitter. War.

Doctor Who, Feels [Spoilers]

21 November 2015 - 04:02 PM

So. if your not a fan of Doctor Who, you'd probably not click this link but f you needed to see the conundrum that this topic is about its about a companions death.


Other than the MASSIVE wiki spoiler on Heaven Sent the next episode of Doctor who, this is the spoiler. Clara Oswald. Died. from taking a countdown death of some kind from her friend "Rigsby" She had to face a penalty. Death.

I was over come with the feels aft the last minute. of course like every whovian ever, I never expected Clara to die in this episode. I thought like always, the doctor would have something up his sleeve. 


Clara Oswald was one of the biggest companions of the new series of Doctor who. from Asylum of the daleks - 2012 to Face The raven- 2015


Asylum of The daleks - Oswin Oswald - Saved The Doctor, Amy and Rory from the mad planet of skaro.

The Snowmen - Clara Oswald (Past self) - Companion

Series 7b (Companion)

The bells of saint Join - Wifi Hotspots pulling People in the computer matrix.

The Rings of akaten - The Doctor shows his new Companion Outer Space and its wonders, with a few adventures.

Cold war - The Doctor and Clara have to save a Russian submarine and its crew from an old fiend

Hide - Two ghosts in different Universe's, according to the doctor, the oldest love story in time.

Journey to the centre of the tardis - The TARDIS is pulled in a space dumbster. and things get messy from there.

The Crimson horror - a investigation goes on inside an old London town, only to discover, its in habited, by leached aliens.

Nightmare in Silver - The Doctor, Clara and her "Passangers" have a trip to the biggest resort in the universe, until the cybermen came.

The Name of the doctor - What is the Doctor's real name and is it discovered, or was that his grave?

Specials (2013)

the day of the doctor - The Doctor meets his past selves in a wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing.

The Name of The Doctor - The Doctor Grows old, and saves the Town of Christmas. before Regeneration.

Series 8

Deep breath -  Clara and The Doctor, in the 1800's? Fighting steam punk aliens?

Into the dalek - The Doctor and Clara take a tour inside a Dalek

Robot of Sherwood - Robin hood is fictional, or not.

Listen - Clara finds a boyfriend, and travels back to see his life and maybe even the Doctor's

Time Heist - The Doctor and Clara. sent to corrupt the most secure bank in the universe. 

The Caretaker - Clara is now a School teacher with her Boyfriend Danny Pink. and the doctor's their too! but not for the fun of it.

Kill the Moon - The Doctor and Clara take one of Clara's students to the moon and soon has to blow up the moon

Mummy on the orient express - Murder on the Orient Express, with Mummy's. and in space.

Flatline - Bristol, and The Doctor is stuck in his Tiny Traveling TARDIS. as it's shrunk. Clara must save the day for the aliens are 2D.

In the forest of the night - Went to sleep fine, Woke up with plants and tree's every where.

Dark Water] - Who's This Missy that creeps up on the Doctor? could it be a female version of the Master? Pt.1 

Death In heaven] Missy's Evil Plans are corrupted by the now diciest Danny pink. Pt. 2

Series 9

last Christmas - Christmas in the north pole, four scientists must save the day along with The Doctor, Clara and Father Christmas (Simon Frost)

the magicians apprentice] - Missy's Back and so is an old foe. in pointing at you Davaros. pt.1

The Witch's Familiar] - Missy Must help Clara defeat the Daleks pt. 2

Under The Lake] - in a ship with the most precious cargo. pt. 1

Before the Flood] - The Alien is released and is found in an unusual place, Russia. Soviet Russia. pt. 2

The Girl who died] - a village full of vikings accidentally challenge a race of warriors to war. pt. 1

The women who lived] - The war is won by the Vikings from trickery, also a girl turns immortal pt. 2

The Zygon Invasion] - Zygons once again attack, the globe. pt 1

The Zygon Inversion] - Planet earth defend's itself from the shape shifting monsters pt. 2

Sleep no more - Mr Sandman, give me a dream.

Face The raven]- Rigsby from Bristol has no idea how a tattoo that count's down on his neck had made itself their.

Time for the Doctor and Clara to investigate. with serious Consequence's pt. 1


So, Thats all Episodes Clara has been the Companion, from 2013 - 2015 She has stayed with the Doctor. Now its time for someone else.


R.I.P Clara oswald

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Early Christmas Rant.

15 November 2015 - 12:14 PM


 I just wanted to tell you something that has been annoying me for the last two month's 

Christmas comes too early...

I know what you might be saying. :rolleyes: "Oh Emeralds, people need to plan for Christmas."

Yeah, but at the end of November, that's when you should be starting to ask people for their gifts.

For example Disney world's Christmas advert came out on September. SEPTEMBER!

and I saw one channel have a Christmas movie in the middle of august. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

Their are a few exceptions though.


1. Sofa Adverts (Should be showing Christmas Ad's at the end of Oct.)

2. Fire Place Advert's (beginning of Nov.)


You have people like Superstore's and even small Shops!

I'm just saying if we start celebrating now. its not going to look great when Christmas actually here.

I do my shopping around the 10th-17th of December and decorating after that. 

All im trying to say is.

Don't ruin Christmas





Back To The Future 2, Biff Lodgic

08 November 2015 - 09:20 AM

In back to the future 2, Biff Changes the Future by giving His past self the almanac. but when he comes back in the Delorean, He's back in normal 2015. not Biff's Paradise future. Can anyone Explain why He's Back in normal 2015? because he should arrive in the future in which Biff is rich.