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CppCon 2014: Mike Acton "Data-Oriented Design and C++"

17 December 2014 - 01:47 PM

Figured out I didn't share this here: 



As when I discussed about it with some friends and I'm too lazy to rephrase: 

I think Mike Acton sometimes gets kinda extreme in his way of introducing people to his viewpoint around data oriented designs in video games. Just keep in mind that his point here is to seek for the performance and the optimization, thus we're dealing with the very low level parts of a game engine. A game engine as a whole does require a certain level of abstraction, though. Finding a way to strike the balance between an optimized game, targeting a defined plateform, while keeping this abstraction level strong enough to sustain a fast and easy development for the people working with higer level ends of the engine is the way to go, I suppose.


So this one nuances Mike Action's point of view and is also really relevant to my eyes: 



Your thoughts?