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Dub/Sub Haganai

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#1 No-Danico


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Posted 01 August 2013 - 12:36 AM

So, I'm looking for info on the Japanese release date for Haganai vol 9 and this pops up in Google.



A English dub of season one of Boku Wa, or Haganai if you know hiragana and get the joke. Anyway, I click it because I love the light novel and the anime was pretty awesome. It starts up and I instantly begin hating it. Why does Kodaka sound like such puss? Why is Sena's voice so boring?!? Nope, probably won't be buying. *(Who the hell am I kidding. I will.)


Anyway, here's my point, and I know this has been argued by otaku for years: dub vs. sub. I don't care either way, normally. But certain characters will forever be voiced in my mind by certain people. Rodger Smith and Spike will be Steve Blum while the Major is Mary McGlynn. Those English voice actors are the characters in my mind.


On the flip side, the Soul Eater dub scratches at my brain. Death's voice is 1,000 times better in the original Japanese. Same with Maka and the sword girl who's name I can't remember and don't care to look up. (Who was a girl in the manga and original translation, but grew a cock in America, but I digress)


And now this. To me, this sounds like an amateur fan dub, not a professional level. Japanese is a subtle language, you can leave out half of the damn sentience and still get your point across. English is dynamic, a part of the beautiful miracle I love. And it is a sad damn day when English loses out to Japanese in accurate emotion through emote and tone.


So I want to hear from you. Regardless of whether or not you've seen this particular series. (One that does harem comedy right. Subverts everything on its ass)  Sound off on another.


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Posted 01 August 2013 - 12:53 AM

I watched Gurren Lagann, Darker than Black and half of one other that I can't remember in Sub
Watched Blassreiter, GunGrave, GunxSword and Trigun in Dub

As far as someone who speaks nil for Japanese, I like both. The reason being Subs seem less clunky in certain cases because they can speed them up to keep pace with the translation(often 2 English words to the one Japanese or worse). But having the voices in my native tongue makes telling characters apart easier, I shit you not I've watched 13 assassins something like six times and still can't tell one character from another. I can't watch the broken ass dub on that one either, its wretched.


I want to learn Japanese, not because I want to be arty and watch anime in its original language for some sort of nerd cred, but because I suspect the long, repetitious, confusing dialogues that take place in English make more sense in original language. There are moments in even my favorite series where a character starts blathering on about a completely senseless facet of his point. Or states some obvious fact in detail as if it weren't occurring in front of the people he's speaking to.


#3 SushiKitten


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Posted 01 August 2013 - 04:34 AM

That was definitely pretty bad. I don't know, I may have been biased because I watched both seasons in Japanese as they came out, so I'm used to those voices. I don't know, I think the perverted jokes might fall flat in English, or just sound plain awkward. I kind of thought Funimation did a good job on their dubs. From what I remember FMA was done pretty well. Funimation also takes fans into consideration, they try not to change names, only change what's needed, and they offer free subs (albeit, full commercials now). That just felt embarrassing to me though. Like you said, amateurs could have dubbed it and make the same level of quality.


Some dubs are done just as well if not better sometimes though. Cowboy Bebop was definitely done just as well. Most of the time though, the dialogue sounds stiff and the voice actors aren't very expressionate.