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TFW life goes to absolute shit.
Aug 08 2017 11:46 AM
  • SpleenBeGone's Photo
    Well shit dude, that sucks. Best you can do is use what you've learned to get a better start this go around. Think of it like a second play through of a video game.
    Aug 11 2017 07:07 PM
  • Photography Raptor's Photo
    Photography Raptor
    First: welcome back to the great state! I'm sorry about the condition of your return though. I don't know what rock bottom feels like, but not having anyone to depend on makes it worse. I hope you have plenty of family to help you out.
    Aug 12 2017 09:19 PM
  • Calvary's Photo
    hey man, I only just saw this but I'm really, REALLY glad you're still here <3 hit me up on FB sometime brotha
    Aug 13 2017 12:18 PM