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Brock Lesnar is the one who took out the Dead Man, srsly, him? For the one person who knows what I mean and am *sobbing* with me.
Apr 07 2014 03:34 AM
  • The Robstar's Photo
    The Robstar
    Pretty unexpected But I liked it. Taker looked like shit. To beat Lesnar was highly unbelievable.
    Apr 07 2014 04:01 AM
  • Bloodangel's Photo
    I did not expect that happen but I think they should have had someone else beat to push their status
    Apr 07 2014 04:49 PM
  • Affray's Photo
    I hear Clarissa proposed to Dr. Montague as well. Gripping. We are talking to the same thing right?
    Apr 08 2014 06:26 AM