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u-haul website and chrome, don't get along?

24 April 2014 - 08:47 AM

OKay, so I am an on-call computer fixer. (That's what they call me. LOL) 


And a company called me in to fix their printing issue (No problem, I have fixed these before even though I don't specialize in it.) 


They do U-Haul business and for some reason when I upgraded them to Chrome (IE was just awful)

chrome will not let them print out their receipts at all. When they finish the form, it pops up for a print preview, and then print preview failed but you still have the option to print. 


I have closed out that and went back to print out another way. It pulls up as a GIF file. When you click print on the page, it shows up as a print preview but it's so small that you can't see any of the words and sign it. 


Well, I found a way around it, you have to right click, hit print, then when the print preview shows up, you have to hit CTRL+SHIFT+P option then print that way. 


Please, tell me there is a way to do this that is simpler or a way that I can get chrome to communicate with the U-Haul website to make it work. Cause it will just not print. 


If you need any more information as to what I did, please comment or message and lemme know. Cause I need this problem fixed. I looked like a complete idiot in there. 

Downgrading to windows 7?

05 October 2013 - 09:27 PM

Okay, I'm new to the forum but I wanted to come here and ask a (few) question(s). 


I want a new laptop. But the only ones I can find now in stores ( i have to go instores to purchase a laptop, i don't like waiting plus i like to physically see what I'm buying) are windows 8. I hate windows 8. I wanted to know if I could downgrade to windows 7, how hard it would be, and what would be the repercussions? 




Could I purchase a windows 8 laptop, then replace the harddrive with a new one that has windows 7 on it? And could i buy a small laptop with a small harddrive, sayyyyyy a 320 gig with windows 8 on it then put a 1tb harddrive in it with windows 7? Would it be able to handle it? 




Thanks for your answers in advance! <3