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The RETRO DICE: D-PAD D6 Kickstarter is LIVE!
Presenting the RETRO DICE: D-PAD D6 by Dirty Vortex, a retro-bespoke set of twelve, 16mm, six-sided dice. Our D-PAD D6 captures the look and feel of the cartridge age of gaming, featuring a left and right dice dynamic that brings back the joy of using your old-school D-Pad controller.
Our left-faced D6s provide the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, SELECT & LB button sides, while our right-faced D6s utilize our A, B, X, Y, START & RB buttons to be comboed together in harmony. Button-mash your Hadoken, perform your Fatality, jump and shoot the Mother Brain, and get lost in the nostalgia of re-envisioning the games you love.
Here at Dirty Vortex we understand that you’ll never have enough dice in your collection. We don’t assume how you want to play your games, and with the D-PAD D6 we offer a set of twelve beautifully crafted dice that give ULTIMATE CONTROL and CRAZY PRECISION.
Where are the numbers? There are no numbers! These aren’t ordinary dice. Make your own rules, create your own experiences, and use the DPAD D6 to craft custom mechanics for your very own button mashing RPGs and board games. Press Start, select Menu, and tune these dice to whatever adventures you’ve always dreamed to play!
The core funding comes with a free game for all backers.  Bulletproof Heroes is an arcade style Shoot ‘Em Up RPG designed specifically for use with the D-PAD D6. Drop one liners and wreak havoc with your squad of misfit heroes as you lay waste to the bad guys and anything that gets in your way. Collateral Damage to be expected.