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#68496 Who's is your favorite character from the X-Men Comics?

Posted by tjeffer on 09 April 2014 - 03:11 AM

I dunno, i've always been a big fan of gambit... he's that awesome magician you wanted at every party, instead of that failed one who always lost his rabbit..

#68461 what comic books to read?

Posted by tjeffer on 08 April 2014 - 05:42 PM

Hey guys,

Im brand new here, like i just set up an account 5 minutes ago, and I'm not sure if im over stepping any boundaries or just being a general nuisance but I have a (personal) question and I'm not sure weather i should post it, but I thought why not besides, everyone seems nice.

So I've been reading comics for a while and have made a decent sized collection, or at least i think, but it is still amateur. I was really wondering what comics you would recomend. I would prefer to stick to dc and marvel but I am also interested in hellboy... i know quite abit about the marvel universe but not as much about the dc universe but i am just as interested. Ive got the first few of the jla in the new 52 but thats it and i was wondering what comics from dc you would recomend. I was thinking about batman/superman/aquaman/rest of jla but any other ideas would be treasured. Also i love marvel and am currently reading the new venom, punisher and deadpool and cannot get enough of deadpool or general symbiote action. Ive got some carnage etc and love it, but strangley dont have any spiderman, mainly as i worry about jumping on. So overall i love deadpool, venom, loved the new inhuman and black widow. I also want to read many of these major events in marvel and dc like flashpoint, civil war (ive read this) or any others.

Sorry for being annoying if you got this far, and i would love any advice for a rookie new collector, any recommendations for series (preferably one i can join onto easily) or events, big or small... thanks for reading any sorry to be a pain in the *rse... ^_^