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What Would You Do

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Posted 31 July 2013 - 11:29 AM

The following is a survey for an upcoming comic book series.  While a good deal of it will be action packed, we also want to have a good bit of psychological development.  


Given that you suddenly had the power-set(s) explained below, what would you do with it?  First, how would it affect your every day life, if at all. Would you get a job relevant to the power, or would you do nothing with it?  Take into consideration the psychological movement from your normal life, to what it would become given that you gained these powers.  Explain this in as much detail and elaborate as much as you would like.  We would prefer around a paragraph or more for each power-set, but don't stress if you only have a few sentences. 


You gain the power to enter the mind of other people.  With that power comes several different applications.  You can control their mind allowing full control of motor skills.  You can see superficial thoughts and memories such as their name, age, and address.  You have access to their current and recent memories and thoughts.  You have the ability to push thoughts and ideas allowing you to have the power of strong subliminal suggestion.  When you use this power, assume that your body just disappears temporarily. Also assume that the controlled person has no recollection of you in their mind or what they did while you were in there.  There is a limitation to this power, however.  Every time you use this power for anything more than the body control, you have a certain degree of temporary amnesia when you return from their body.  This degree could be as simple as being slightly dazed and confused, or as severe as forgetting the whole day.  These memories will come back after a while. This, once again, is based on the severity of the mental intrusion. 



Now for the second power-set.  Please answer this one the same way you did the one before. 


You gain enhanced regeneration, enhanced strength and speed, enhanced condition, adoptive muscle memory, and retentive/photographic memory.  With the regeneration, you have what they call expert level enhanced regeneration.  This means that you can easily heal virtually any mortal wound. You can shrug off a bullet, or almost any weapon.  You are immune to almost all if not all diseases. Things like fire, drowning, long falls, and many other possibly fatal forces can be easily healed even without active brain function.  Your strength is at the type I superhuman level.  This means that you can lift and/or throw things like cars, busses, or tanks.  This is beyond regular human ability.  Your speed level is beyond peak human speed however on the lower end of the superhuman spectrum.  This means that no non-superhuman could outrun you, however there are many superhumans that could outrun you.  Enhanced condition basically covers all of that and more.  Just consider yourself somewhat beyond the highest achievable non-superhuman limits.  Adoptive muscle memory is the ability to copy anything you see. This means if you watch Kung Fu movies, you can do Kung Fu  If you see Mozart's 9th concerto being played, you can now play Mozart's 9th concerto.  Your last ability is retentive/photographic memory.  You have the ability to remember virtually everything you see, hear, smell, etc.  You can recall anything that has ever happened to you, everything you read, everything you have ever touched, etc.   


Once again, this can be answered like the one before.  Thank you for taking the time to do this and we look forward to personally reading every response. 


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 12:04 PM

For a first post, that one a doozy.


I shall play along though.


First Scenario:


I would first use my influence to benefit myself, because we are selfish animals and I am important to me and the people that rely on me.

I would go about this by entering the minds of fellow businessmen and pushing transactions in my favour.

After I amassed enough money/business to be among the wealthiest men alive, I would keep enough money to live comfortably and throw the rest around to various charities and/or whatever endeavour I chose. Such as building and fully funding schools and hospitals in countries that need them.

I would also use my influence after that to push other abundantly wealthy people to do the same as me, thus spreading the wealth throughout the rest of the world and hopefully making everyone's lives easier.


Scenario Two:


I would first use my muscle memory to learn every manner of self defense there is.

Then every sport there is, then dance, then hands on skill.

Then I would use my photographic memory to build a database of every piece of knowledge that I can get my hands on.

Learn every language, every country's custom, everything.


Then I don't know what I would do.

Most people would jump to crime fighting, but I don't know if the world needs that.

Maybe I would just start my own country somewhere.

And with my immeasurable physical and mental prowess make it as close to perfect as possible.

I am not the sort to become corrupt when I have power.

I am already fairly just, and intelligent.

With vast amounts of knowledge and immense power, I would still benefit others as well as myself.


Plus, I would be the best salsa dancer the world has ever seen.

So there is that.

It is perfectly acceptable to fear and admire a being you could not possibly understand.

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Posted 01 August 2013 - 09:37 PM



I like this one, he(?) posts paragraphs like I do.


I'm totally in.

A. If I had the psycho powers.

I'd start by straightening up things at work, church etc where I see someone abusing a situation. 
Then I'd probably devote my time to being the best therapist there ever was, treat world leaders and PTSD soldiers.  By viewing exactly what they feel and think when they discuss events, I'd be able to uncover things no conventional therapist has the capacity to see. I'm imagining a problem, what about the temptation to fuck with those close to me? To win arguments, force situations my way, sex every single night......  I'd end up isolating myself for fear of becoming some sort of bastard. Thus we come to my end, as a man who sees inside the minds of 20 people a day, but has no friends. Also I would fucking RULE at Rock Paper Scissors


B.Physical Perfection, admittedly my preference.

I'd learn every martial art as per Affray. Then I'd take up parkour, gymnastics and breakdancing. With all of these I could be a master crimefighter, bodyguard, policeman,soldier or mercenary. I'd probably find a fine skilled trade that takes eons to master and pays like crazy, and make myself a millionaire by doing it faster and better than anyone. I could churn out Stratavarius violins at double speed, sell them at pure profit because I do it from home and start an empire. Rinse repeat with another craft. Once I'm a millionaire start batmanning myself with gadgets and gear, tech etc. By the time I have an iron man suit with a superhuman trained in Sambo inside it, I'd be unstoppable. Do whatever the fuck I want.

Also, sex, I'd be the best. 


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