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Nerd Forum is a laid back nerd community, so we have very few rules. The few we do have are enforced though.

1. No nudity. We like to keep the community clean for our visitors and advertisers, so it's best that no full nudity is posted.
2. Don't spam. We all enjoy posting, and it's encouraged. Don't spam threads or PM's with advertisements. If you have something you want to advertise, please keep it to your sig.
3. Language, watch it. There are currently no mature language filters, as I believe we can all act like adults and not abuse bad language. Don't make me change this.
4. Signatures can be a maximum of 150px high. Any more and it will be automatically cut off.
5. Do not share your full name, address, phone number, or any other personal information that may be used to locate you.
6. Enjoy your time here. This is the most important rule of Nerd Forum.