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#98651 I Wrote a Space Opera

Posted by acbaldwin on 11 February 2016 - 02:27 PM in Shameless plugs

Hi guys! 


I've been a lurker for awhile, but decided to register so I could share my geek contribution with you. ^^ 


I wrote a space opera, and it's part of a contest run by Nerdist! It's a crowd-funded kind of thing, hosted by Inkshares, but you don't actually have to pay unless the book is funded. 


Any pre-orders you place will help me win. https://www.inkshare...traveller-s-cup



When Damaus put his name in for the Cup he wasn’t expecting to be chosen. It started as a dare. Up against forty-thousand of them there was no way his ballot would be drawn.


Every three years a ship was sent to the Lumens’ ancestral planet in an attempt to retrieve what was left behind, and every three years the mission failed. It was a death sentence for the crew. But the Greys—lowmen, servants who can’t think for themselves—still cheer at the opportunity to risk their lives over a bit of treasure. And so the Lumens honour their sacrifice each year with a celebration known as the Traveller’s Cup.


While his family and other highborn Lumen sit at their feast and watch the Grey do tricks for their entertainment, Damaus hears the words that end his life as he’s known it. A high-born Lumen, doomed to sacrifice his status, luxuries, and beauty for a fruitless pact with death. On a shipful of them and separated from the riches he holds dear, Damaus must decide whether to face the mission head-on or find a way out.