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Posted by Alterega on 11 July 2013 - 08:14 PM

Hold up there just a second, there are at least 2 'super foods' that I think are quite yummy.
Blueberries and sweet potatoes.
I think pumpkins are a super food as well, but I'm not too sure....

Kale chips, anyone? ^_^




I actually eat really REALLY healthy... I don't eat past 9 PM, I actually eat breakfast (all whole grain too!), fruits over desserts, and I LOVE broccoli...


Posted by Alterega on 11 July 2013 - 11:06 AM

Fun fact: people in the Tokugawa era would use the paste from these things as a sex lubricant. That's right, samurai KY jelly that also goes well with noodles. Bon appetit, minet.

My mother is going to make it into "something sweet". My sister and I are slightly terrified. 


Bullshit. That is a human leg.

Do you know what's ironic? That very same night, I was watching the show (idk if ya'll watch this, but anyhoo) Criminal Minds, and the episode was about a doctor who abducted people into his garage to amputate off their legs so he could try and transplant their legs on his wife, who was an amputee herself. I think it was one of the most terrifying episodes I've ever watched, and it definitely made me lose any open-mindedness about trying this thing, no matter in any dish.


Sex lubricant or not, my little Japanese "herb" is going to the landfill in the boonies. 

#51304 Hey everyone! *A picture guide about Alterega and the LONGEST bio ever!*

Posted by Alterega on 09 July 2013 - 05:25 PM

Hey everyone! My user's Alterega, but my real name is Angela. I chose the username Alterega because if you meet me in reality, I'm an outgoing individual who wants to work as a business management consultant and listens to classy jazz music on a regular basis. But I feel like my comic book loving, videogamer, nerdophile me who wants to double major in graphic design and computer science and would rather ditch the lofty office for a game studio is my total alter ego! Mix in that I'm a girl and you get me, Alterega. *epic music plays!*


Let me introduce myself through a semi-picture guide through some of my stuff.


Let's enter through my bathroom (BECAUSE IT HAS AWESOME PAINTED DOORS)




Door 1: ...Planets are so pretty. I love the idea of being a science genius (you know, those kids that wipe out all of those awards at science fairs ALL the time?? Those kids that program their own programs to do their homework??? OR PEOPLE THAT MAKE MARBLE CONTRAPTIONS!!), but sadly, that's not the case for me. Got my first B's in school because of Physics, and sciences (as much as I love them) just don't click in my head for me. I can dream like I'm a genius right? And pretend that F on Light diagrams was simply because of the incompetence of my physics teacher, right? Sigh.




Door 2: This describes where I want to be post-college time. I want to live in most (probably not all) of the major US cities and experience the essence of America through their culture. I've knocked 1 city down - sweet home Atlanta! I love the city life. Apartments all the way!




Door 3: And this is my idea retirement. You can't really tell where this is, but let me tell you - I'm gonna retire in Florida like a smart grandma would. What's not to like about Florida? DID YOU KNOW that Florida residents that live near cruise ports get super-discounts on AMAZING rooms? If I'm seasick, I'd hop to Disney World and live in a fantasy with my annual pass. Creeped by Goofy? Then I'll just drift off to sea. There's a reason why so many old people retire in Florida...




I have a mediocre sock collection... (working on it)


...But I am a collector of stickers and am proud of my collection! (Consists of 2000+ stickers)

It's guarded by a green pig you all may be familiar with (even though I suck at the game) and is kept safe in a plastic red briefcase. (classy, eh?)





I LOVE to read. (Especially travelogues and mysteries. My favorite author is clearly depicted here.) Also pictured is my trusty red Kipling bag, passed down from my mother. It's 25 years old! 




And lastly, this is my pencil case. I draw a lot (mainly cartoons, comics, people.. no fancy landscapes or nature), and as you can see this guy (you all may know where he's from ;D) has suffered a major yellow highlighter attack, as exemplified by his giant stain. 




Wow. This was a lot longer than I expected, but I guess... hi everyone! I hope you all know as much as you wanted to know about me.  :lol: Pleased to meet you all, and I hope to make some new friends! (if you trudged this far to read ALL of this, you're GOLDEN.) 


*humble bow*