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20 May 2013 - 12:27 PM

Good to see you.... =)

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18 May 2013 - 05:17 PM

In 2nd grade, my math teacher noticed that I wrote my 5's backwards =)


So yeah. In 1st grade I started out at one school, then moved to another school halfwayish in the school year. We had the same math books and everything, but when I started going through the mathbook doing all the work I had already done in the other school. The new math teacher noticed said that they hadn't gotten that far yet, took my book away, gave me a clean book and told me to stay with the group.


What have I realized recently?


I don't like penis.


Pretty much at all.


So now. I am a lesbian.


Well of course I can admire an attractive man, but only from the waist up. Below the waist.... Its just useless to me. I'm not interested.


Also I think the majority of women are beautiful and delicious from head to toe, inside and out.


I knew it would happen one day. I'm so proud of myself :D