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Need gaming help!

10 August 2015 - 09:17 AM



This might sound kinda silly and stuff, but here i go.




Look, the thing is, i have been searching for a certain feeling towards games or at least 1 game!


What kind of feeling?


Well, when i was kid, i looked at games differently!

I mean, yeah, again, might sound kinda dumb but, ok, let's take runescape as an example.

The feeling of excitement when the login screen finished loading and just playing that game till the day ended and just enjoyed it.


Now, when i find a new game that is fun (and can run on my comp, for example, KF1) i might get hooked, and if i do, it's only for 3-4 days and after, meh.


The game that i have or well, was recently kinda hooked in was Battlefield Heroes but that game closed so mieh...


But even now for example i log into runescape, searching for the same feeling i had for the game when i was a kid, but...it's just not there and no matter how much i search it, i can't seem to find it!


And yeah, i might be a guy who likes jogging, playing football and working out sometimes, but i know that this gaming stuff is for me man but i haven't found that right spark or somewhat!


I have also attended 3-4 public gaming events that have been really nice but as said, i need to find this special spark or feeling to get me more "into it" or whatnot!




Alright, thank you for reading my post if you did!

If you have any advice, question and so, feel free to say!


P.S if you still think this is reaaaaly strange or something that i am writing a post like this, well, i had no better place in mind where to ask this and perhaps someone here has experienced or is experiencing the same thing i am right now!

For all you fellas doing computer stuff for a living

18 January 2015 - 10:07 AM



I have wondered, that, like, all the people i know doing computer stuff for a living have also have it as a hobby or at least had before doing it as a job.


So, okay, what i do as a hobby? Sports mostly really, so, there are times where i wonder, like, i might not make it in the computer business or even school if i go and learn it there.


I know that this computer stuff is for me, it is interesting for me, for how much i have learned, it is fun and interesting and such, but, i seem to stop learning it and do sports as my free time.


Same goes with math, i know i need to learn it to reach a good level in it and it is interesting as well, but yeah..


I want to know is there anyone like me here who had or has the same situation and is now working in a computerish job or is learning it.



I might seem to be like a jock if you read this, but naw, i ain't, i am just an introverted and quiet individual as all!



Too late to do it as a job?

01 November 2014 - 05:57 AM

Yeah, here i am again haha.


Well, right now, you must be thiniking, too late to do what as a job?

And the answer is, well, mostly all computer related stuff, coding, programming ect ect.

I heard from someone, that in the computer business lets say, experience matters, so lets say if i am, for example, 23 and suddenly have the wish to learn some code and so on and want to do it as a job, i wont be able to, because there are other fellas who have been doing this for years and sooner than i have.


So yeah.

What's your opinion?