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Open your mind to me....

30 July 2018 - 05:53 PM

Ok..  I admit it..  I am old.  (50 is getting close...)


However, the people I work with (25 and younger) just don't seem to give a crap about the job. 


I am not "in charge".  


For example, I work on switch gear, programmed automation, generator systems, logic controls and such.  Another "tech" calls me up, and says "G..  the push-button to test the system dosen't test the system.  Can you come look at it?"  I drive across town, turn the key from "manual to automatic" and boom..  system works as advertised.  I could not even get the kid to look up from his phone long enough to show him what was wrong.


Is there no pride in your work anymore?


Do I expect too much?


Should I say no?  Stop helping?


Please..  any feedback is good..  what hair is have left is falling out.


Thank you.