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#108727 Relationships

Posted by The Robstar on 06 November 2017 - 04:21 PM

I wouldn't say that I'm cursed.


Attracting the girl is not the problem.


Making them stay is another story. lolz


Posted by The Robstar on 31 October 2017 - 04:56 AM

Glad to see you back, twentyfold glad to hear about the absence of drugs. Good to see ya, mate.



Been 2 long bud. Been 2 long!!!! 

#108684 Am I Gay?

Posted by The Robstar on 30 October 2017 - 05:18 AM

My school kids used to think I was gay. 


But the solo mums have been super flirtatious as of late. lolz   


p.s You suck on whatever you want my bro. :D


Posted by The Robstar on 30 October 2017 - 05:00 AM

Ah my infamous Depression Thread. How art thee?


After a shitstorm of a year (Both my nan and cousin passing) I'm pleased to say that I'm finally in a good space :)


Just needed to keep myself distracted!!!! 


Work is good, morale is good.


Creativity has gone. No ladyfriend as of yet (only a matter of time)


But f*ckit!!!!!




Oh yeah and no drugs lately either :)

#107460 Your Drugs

Posted by The Robstar on 16 April 2017 - 01:01 AM

I was probably the biggest stoner on these boards when I first joined. Probably why my early post we're really FUCKED UP!!!!!!!


I once took acid back in 2010. I kinda freaked out coz the band we went to see was doing the Scott Pilgrim where colorful musical notes we're emerging from their guitars


I sat in my seat grinding my teeth coz they felt like chalk. 


Don't do acid kids. 


Posted by The Robstar on 24 March 2017 - 02:51 AM


Ew yucky :P

#107087 Why is Windows 10 (Essentially) Free?

Posted by The Robstar on 24 March 2017 - 01:22 AM

Because they'll soon be releasing Windows The Matrix.


Free Morpheus Adware protection from Agent attacks.


Free access to the Internet Trinity 2.0 and Naomi Black.net. 


Comes with a free 1,000,000GB Zion station when you preorder now (PROMOTION CODE:FucktheMachines)


Posted by The Robstar on 24 March 2017 - 01:08 AM

Sorry for interrupting, Rob.





Posted by The Robstar on 24 March 2017 - 01:07 AM

I almost want to say she has a crush on you and she keeps bringing him up more as a reminder to herself more than as a point to drive you off. Seems particularly likely since you say you haven't been flirty at all.


Or she just really really likes him. Or he doesn't exist and she's just talking about having a boyfriend so nobody at work will hit on her. It's hard to say without actually knowing her.

Maybe. I'm not quite sure. I don't really understand the early 20'uns nowadays. I think she's actually trying really hard to engage in conversation with me so that she's not a loner, see I'm very charismatic at school, I guess she's drawn to that, maybe not sexual attraction, perhaps work colleague admiration?  


She's at that age and stage of her relationship. I know it's obnoxious, but I'm 99% certain that I was the same way at that point. Ya grow out of it.

I thought that too. First real relationship she's had. 1st time she gets to ride the "D" anytime she pleases. She's in true bliss...... up until someone breaks her heart for the 1st time. THEN she will join the rest of us in the bitter/loathing corner. LOLOL

#106993 Kid Logic

Posted by The Robstar on 22 March 2017 - 01:31 AM

Since mum made salads I used to think that everything that grew in the garden was edible. Flowers, weeds, tree bark dirt. 


Posted by The Robstar on 22 March 2017 - 01:23 AM

Ok I feel that I'm a bit of a grumpy prude on this one but here goes....


I work alongside this new chick, let's call her RAMONA. She's studying at the local TECH training to become a teacher and does practicum with us.


19 - 20 years of age. She's a groovy chick to talk to about video games. But jesus christ...... She won't shut the fuck up about her BF EVERYTIME!!!.


I've never indicated any romantic gestures nor flirted with her, but FFS she mentions him every single time we talk.


"Haha that kid is pretty funny, kinda reminds me of my BF........" and "oh I was watching Iron Fist, my BF, he's a bit of a martial artist...." 


Maybe I'm being a hater because she's happy LOL, I normally just zone out and pretend that I have to tend to a kid or something. lol


What do you guys think? Am I just being a dick or wha????


When I have GF's I barely ever mention them unless someone asks if I have a partner and/or married.


I generally really hate talking about people that I've never met. Like a friend of a friend or something. 

#106605 Happy Birthday Affray!

Posted by The Robstar on 17 February 2017 - 02:52 AM

Happy Birthday my dude. is you 30 yet?

Happy Birthday ^_^ i hope it was filled with food and lots of booty touches!

HOLY MOLY! Is that you Cass? You look..... DAYUM!!!!!!

#105235 Crap/ Not Crap

Posted by The Robstar on 08 December 2016 - 09:11 PM

My 9 year old writes them. For like the past 2 years. He gets inspiration from books and makes comic of his favorite parts or spin offs

Holy hotpockets your eldest child is 9??? Awesome!!!


I saw a girl I used to go to school with recently..... when I say 'girl' I mean "WOMAN"


Her daughter is 14years old. LOL DAYYYUUUUMMMMMN!!!!!!! Granted she was 15 when she gave birth BUT STILL!!!!!!


Realising that kinda makes me feel.....





FANTASTIC!!!!! I still look the same!!! LOLOLOL

#105206 Best VG Music

Posted by The Robstar on 08 December 2016 - 04:57 AM

I used to go into exams listening to these two themes...



#105093 Unbiased Testers Wanted!!!!!

Posted by The Robstar on 04 December 2016 - 03:03 AM