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08 December 2018 - 09:04 AM

Start learning Rust. Is better than C++

Structure from Motion

14 July 2018 - 08:58 AM

I enjoy doing SfM with imagery.  I love the experience of seeing the real world in 3D and being able to manipulate it.  The industry is growing fast and it is a great way to make 3D content for your purposes.  I've been writing a C++ application off and on for about a year that implements some of my favorite open source solutions.  Namely, Theia and OpenMVS.  Right now it is for work, but I am hoping one day I can release a portion of the user interface as Freeware and then anyone with a camera can create 3D content for game engines, 3d printing, or whatever.


Here is a link to some great resources: http://www.cs.cornel...rojects/bigsfm/


And here is a few old videos I made using animation tools to rotate the model along it's Z-axis in Blender:


This was captured at a sculpture park in St. Louis with my Samsung Galaxy s7


This was captured from YouTube video uploaded.  The user recorded their neighborhood with a DJI Phantom 3.



I hope maybe this topic creates a place where people can discuss and share ideas around 3D modeling from photography and video.  Also known as Photogrammetry.