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03 January 2018 - 08:52 PM

So I'm not sure how to explain my idea here but I'm gonna try. So what I was thinking on doing a youtube channel where each person does a different thing on a different day. I don't know how this is going to go but that's my idea. Like if everyone does the same kind of thing, like gaming, which is what I'm trying to work towards. You basically do the same as you would on your own youtube channel but with other people. The point of this is to relieve some of the stress of making content, everyone will be responsible for their own day. The only rules of the channel is that it has to be kept PG, no cursing or inappropriate content. I already have one person interested and working with me to get this started, so some more youtubers would be great.

All videos will go through me, I will be the only one to post the videos on the youtube channel, to ensure that everyone stays within the rules. If anyone would like to help out, editing, channel art and things like that, it would be greatly appreciated as well.  If anyone has any questions don't be afraid to ask because I know I did a bad job of explaining this. Thanks!


(This is also my first time using a forum so bear with me)