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In Topic: A little help, please (for a good cause) (no money involved) (I love you)

Yesterday, 02:25 PM

I think I might subscribe later, if I can ever remember what my old YouTube password was.

Mr. Pizza has big love for women. Make sure everyone ask for hand tossed. Have the clever wife bone chopper.

Is that like... emasculation or... circumcision?

Note: It is ileegal whatever for drug or slime busyness. Pay attintion that it is not wise to eat the soap. Espesaly for people in the year 1963 with that rame "beach party" movement.

It's illegal for us to do drugs, but you're clearly either nonhuman or on drugs yourself. "Beach party" movement? You mean those 1960s movies? I hated the first one, but the rest were pretty good actually.


11 September 2018 - 08:07 PM

Thanks again for the encouragement guys. I just can't get seem to get over that place I worked at. How perfect it was for me. I also can't stop thinking about how bad I am at job interviews. It always seems like the interview is going really good, until they ask that one random question that has me puzzled.


10 September 2018 - 06:27 PM

Yeah. I'm just tired of moving from job to job in hopes that I can find one as good as the one I was let go from. Eventually, I might not be able to get hired anywhere again.

In Topic: I need to time travel [not joking]

10 September 2018 - 06:20 PM

Children must instruct they parents at any time. Good swinging around mostry, but you must wear rubber tires and brace for one if it lingering. Water jet blows your bottom because you can always trust the best results of that new "RUNNING FROM THE BATHROOM DANCE" of 2019.

I know this is one of the weirdest and most stupid bot posts I've ever seen, but now I'm curious as to if this is really what's going to happen next year. Children instructing their parents while having a running from the bathroom dance craze? Just when I thought 2018 couldn't be any worse, I need to prepare for 2019 with a bomb shelter.


31 August 2018 - 10:44 PM

Thanks for everyone's concern. I want you all to know that I did find a job, but I am not so sure it's one I'm going to enjoy. At least I'll still have a place to live.