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Motorcycle styling

12 July 2016 - 03:52 AM

I don't know if motorcycle styling qualifies as being Nerdy, unless it is Steampunk or pretty way-out,

but this is one of the styles I have been working on.

The main style features here are:

1) The side vent grating, based on the Kawasaki GTR 1400 one, revised to fit.

2) the treatment of the surround to the carburetors. 

This shown as an arc that follows the line of the airbox-tank and side panel,

finished with small ridges, painted satin black.


I am not to sure on the "Rainbow curve" motif- it is a bit overpowering.

I will research other less regular layouts and compare them.

The base color is planned as deep red metalflake, similar to one of the original colors.

I am basically eliminating pre '90s styling cues.

Examples : the four-square trapezoid layout of the headlights and the later model


see my blog at



The whole rebuilding and remodeling exercise should be fairly cheap.

The only new tools I need are a second-hand oxy-acetylene set and

a plastic welder hot-air gun.

I need to learn a bit more about fiberglass reinforcing mat.

I want to use Polyurethane resin, based on 1.5mm 3-ply marine plywood

as an understructure.

It should be fun trying to get a smooth surface over 3-D curves.

(A compressor and paint spray unit would be handy, too)

A handy tool is a long flat plank with a strip of sandpaper on one side,

to get nice smoothing over longer distances.

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Creating an attractive post for Google or U tube.

07 July 2016 - 10:54 PM

How about cats and motorcycles?

Cats are always good!

I have still pictures of cats, plus tons of bike pics, including my last bike, which look sort of spontaneous.

I could make a mural of cats and bikes-possibly Photoshop, or something similar.

How about a halo of cats, embedded in some sort of background, with a bike in the middle?

I would need someone with an artistic flair to help put it together.

Being of an Engineering bent, my artistic ability is rather limited.

Then it has to be tagged, embedded in a website or something.


For Facebook group ideas, how about a Cats and Motorbikes theme?

-What would be a good name, besides "Cats and Motorbikes"?


A good UTube idea could be a compilation video introducing all my cats, and getting them

to interact with me.

The Motorbike content could be large wall hangings showing Motorbikes. I wonder how much they cost?

(Google job)

Can I do it with a phone camera, a small snap/movie camera, or do I need bigger lenses and

more resolution? I know getting the subject framing and focus right can be a problem.

I would also need some studio lighting-those big silver umbrella things, as most of the cats are black,

and look bike black blobs unless I use a flash, which the cats don't like.


I need to find out a bit more on camera file types, and suitable editors.

Any keen video editors/film artists who want to help?

* the cat pictures are fairly old-we may still have some of them. They tend to not last that long roaming outside. The Tabby/White is still here (Brian). The Smoky Grey one was rehomed (Smoky).

I sold the bike, as it needed a gearbox rebuild, and I didn't want to do it. I have yet to get another. I want a Kawasaki GTR 1000 sporty-tourer next.


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Owen Nieuwenhuyse

Hello. I am searching for some advice.

07 July 2016 - 05:56 AM

My name is Owen Nieuwenhuyse

You can find me on Facebook.

I am trying to start a new Facebook Group, called MotoGeek,

mainly to do with Motorcycles and other motoring things.

I tend to get chucked off email lists by being a somewhat prolific poster of "stuff",

so I want to start a group where you can post what you want, within the bounds

of tolerance and good taste.


My favorite topic is designs and engineering drawings of motorbikes.

Have a look at my stuff, if you want.

There is also an email group on Yahoo.


The trouble is: my facebook posts don't go out to my potential audience.

How can I target people who might be interested? There are probably only about 1 in

1000 in the adult population who may take an interest.

I thought: Maybe something that searches well on Google,

or a popular utube video??  - any ideas or elaborations, people?


Ps-I tend to be somewhat "geeky" in behavior - think Sheldon Cooper, but not

as smart, and less autistic tendencies   :)


As such, I am generally not well received socially among the Class of "normal men".

I do get on a bit better with women, and currently have a long-term female partner.

Employment - former "Computer Programmer"

Now skiving off on the local sickness benefit-effectively retired.

Age: 60 years.


Hoping to hear from you!


Owen Nieuwenhuyse

(New Zealand)