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In Topic: Motorcycle styling

13 July 2016 - 04:38 AM

Version 2.

Area around the carburetors is tidied up a bit, and the curves are applied to the fairing edge.


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In Topic: Motorcycle styling

12 July 2016 - 03:33 PM

Further additions:


Other style themes worth investigating:

1) Tick-stylised.

2) Hyperbolic lines.

3) feature line cross.

4) intersecting solids-used on ZZR 1200

5) thick/thin swoopy "Z".

Alignment with "built-in" features and edges.


Try to carry style-alignment details across the fairing as well.

I don't need profile continuity curves- the ducktail aligns with the rising side feature.


The "Airbox Tank" section doesn't need to be teardrop-shaped.

A lot of it is concealed by the fairing.


Maybe the shape needs more integration with the fairing- hollow curves connecting them?

The ability to seperate airbox-tank and fairing is useful for construction.

Concealed parts can just be shaped by utility.


The fairing rear edge is determined by rider knee clearance and toe clearance,

but can be more curved in side view.

In Topic: Creating an attractive post for Google or U tube.

11 July 2016 - 11:49 PM

I think that the stuff I want to do has a fairly low popularity value in the general population, and I suspect, here as well. It is hard to find 

an online forum where people will offer some unbiased advice to someone who may not stick around long.


There are a few computer/web experts around here who could offer advice if they wished.

Mind you, all of this stuff is somewhere on the net and available though Google, so if I look hard enough, I will find it.

What I want to work on now is to choose a forum which gets good results in Google.

Flickr has lots of those "taggy" things, which Google may use.

My choices are:


Facebook Groups;

Wordpress blogs;

some other form of website??

Yahoo Groups (email based, but have files, on-line photo volumes, post-out attachments etc.)

Online Forums -like this one.

-I don't think most on-line forums would like me just posting all my hobby stuff, regardless of relevance to

the aims of the forum.


The trouble is: Engineering Drawings of potential-build motorcycle projects don't really fit under

Art or DIY.

I tend to get biffed off established venues for being off-topic, stuffing up their "digest reports", or posting

stuff people generally don't want to read-(minute details, algebra/trig worksheets)


I do have lots of Cats.  :)  I plan to start a Cat photo Gallery tonight-got the Flash camera going again.

(MotoCats-the new bunch) :)

In Topic: Creating an attractive post for Google or U tube.

10 July 2016 - 09:05 PM

I have got the MotoCats group established. Fancy still photo editing would be a good skill to learn. Possibly expensive to do a nice job of

an edited video??

I need to find out a bit more on how Google search works, so I can attract an audience.

Re: posting on other topics, I think my only common interest would be Web Comics, but nobody seems to talk about them.

Anyway, I have more on RSS feed than I can read, and I just read them. What can you say, really?

Otherwise, I am not really into working out what passes for "Nerd Culture", nowdays.

Drawing/Building things keeps me busy. It would be nice if I could chat about something I find interesting. :|

In Topic: Creating an attractive post for Google or U tube.

09 July 2016 - 12:18 AM

Whats up with this group? -either very irregular or somewhat clique-y!!!

I prefer a directed goal in the "sort-of" real world!


I have decided on a name for my new group "MotoCats".  Possibly for people who like both cats and motorbikes.

Possibly I have discouraged some potential joiners by "coming out", as it were.

As my partner says "You sound like some kind of madarse" :)


I use my own name, because that is the general facebook norm.

Using weird names is a bit Usenet, pre-web????

Also, I want people to find me. If I were a public figure, or got a lot of hate mail, I might do it differently???


Rattling around a bit here....As per usual, I ask a question, and eventually end on creating a solution

by myself. Why ask? why communicate at all? I could just do my own thing, I suppose, and just hang out

with my partner and family. :(