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#97597 Fleeping James Dashner

Posted by Sadaha on 05 December 2015 - 11:11 AM

So I read the Death Cure last year only to be so disappointed I'll forever hate Jame's Dashner's guts. Such a great freaking series ruined by him killing off Teresa. Not to mention the girl Thomas ended up with was part of fricking WICKED THE WHOLE DAMN TIME! ARE YOU SCREWING WITH ME?!!?!?!?!? Not to mention Thomas was so mean to Teresa for SAVING HIS LIFE, EVEN SACRIFICING THEIR RELATIONSHIP IN THE PROCESS! AND THE DAMNED TWAT DIDN'T FORGIVE HER UNTIL THE BATTLE THAT TOOK HER LIFE! THE HELL?! DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WENT THROUGH?! AND AFTER THAT I READ THE FINAL BOOK OF THE ASCENDANCE TRILOGY AND IMOGEN DIED! I WAS SO TRAUMATIZED! 


Thankfully Jennifer A. Nielson came in clutch and Imogen didn't really die. I don't know how I would've made it through that time.

#97401 Anita Sarkeesian

Posted by Sadaha on 28 November 2015 - 08:06 PM

Her arguments stem largely from a western third wave feminist framework, from what I've seen she's chosen to focus her efforts on the gender disparity between men and women in consumerist culture, largely centred on gaming in many forms. We are bombarded with advertising and capitalist culture every moment that we engage in media, it's certainly valid to point out that a toy market that pushes out girls in favour of boys is not only unfair but myopic on the part of Lego. It pushes girls to the fringes, or indulges them in stereotypes that alienates the girls that don't conform to the mainstream.


Ultimately you need to ask yourself what your problem is with the video, or with her. What is the root issue that you take with her ultimately compelling the viewer towards embracing equality in the children's toy market?

My issue is that she's blaming a company and product for trying to be more diversified which is what she's pushing for them to do! She's hypocritical and biased. Is it a problem that a company can be geared toward one gender? I don't see many six year old boys buying barbie dolls, do you? No because most boys don't like them just like most girls don't like LEGO. And LEGO is just following trends in the industry to profit which is what people do, they make things to profit. And since most, or a lot of, young girls love barbie, LEGO is trying to adapt to that trend! (We can't account for the small minority who don't adhere to the mainstream, I've been a victim of "the majority rules" in many situations but it's not something that's going to change. We can't adapt to the needs of every individual who wants different things. There would be endless LEGOs if the company followed that principle.) And she calls that attempt pathetic? Then she turns around and complains that LEGO is too boys exclusive! WTH? She's such a hypocritical feminazi. And she doesn't focus on disparities between men and women, she complains about all the so called "rights" females lack. Especially in a society as open to women that we(including her) live in. She criticizes Mario and Zelda(extremely popular games) for following the damsel in distress trend and for "objectifying" women and then ignores all the females who enjoy those titles! And if she actually did her research and wasn't selecting things to prove her points she would notice that Mario and Link have no romantic connections to their respective princesses(at least in Zelda's main-main-main storyline because I know the storyline is screwed up)! And LEGO makes LEGOs of popular franchises, it's not their fault a lot of these franchises are preferred by males!



Also R.I.P my false romances between these characters and their princesses. I cry everytiem.  1 reshare = 1 prayer



And she criticizes these games for their use of stereotypes to make the game interesting, if she wants people to believe her to be credible she'd have to condemn every goddamned author and poet out there or else she's proven herself to be nothing more than a hypocritical, biased, annoying, hobby of reading hilarious comments destroying, feminazi.

#97353 Anita Sarkeesian

Posted by Sadaha on 26 November 2015 - 04:44 PM

Curse you Anita, wanting equality! CURSE YOUUUU!


She doesn't want more rights for women, she wants to generalize men as sexist woman undermining pigs. What rights do men have in our society that women don't? 




I may be stealing this comment from someone else but


"Anita Sarkeesian should make a video on how the men who came to her aid were being sexist and were treating her like a damsel in distress."