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#93430 Hi to you fellow nerds

Posted by RachelKyle on 28 July 2015 - 07:43 AM

Hi everybody and thanks for having me!

I came here looking for solidarity, and have found much more in some great posts I've been reading. Would love to connect and chat. "See you around, kid." Batman. 1989.


Also, if any of you guys can comment or help out with my post regarding my friend (I'll copy and paste the post I did earlier, below), that would be so appreciated.


Cheers guys.






Hi all


Just wondered if any of you guys can help me out. It's about confidence, or lack thereof.


My friend (like me!) is a big nerd, and so I thought this would be a good place to come.

He's signed up to some dating sites, but is struggling so much with his self esteem and confidence. I'm trying to help him get past it, but it's hard. I'm not cracking it. I don't suffer with this like him - we're quite different people.

He's himself with me and the close people in his life, but struggles to be his true self outside of that, particularly in the situation of dating. He's self conscious and thinks way too much about what people think of him. He likes things that a lot of other people don't like or get. He's even tried the nerd dating sites, but that still isn't tackling his underlying issues.


Do any of you guys have these issues and, if so, how do you deal with them? Any advice? Also, does anyone know of any related forums/pages/sites - particularly for nerds like us! - where you can share these thoughts and difficulties? 

Any help or advice would be great.


Cheers all.



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#93424 Upcoming superhero web series

Posted by RachelKyle on 28 July 2015 - 05:28 AM

Hi there Nerd-ers! I'd like to tell you about my upcoming superhero web series Abnormal, about a girl with the secret power of teleportation, chronicling her ascent from zero to hero. 


I'm an actor/writer/filmmaker and A MASSIVE NERD. I originally wrote Abnormal as a TV series. It's still there, on the page, waiting to explode!, but with limited resources and man power, I decided to take a step back and create a web series to show life before Abnormal becomes the superhero she is.


Overweight, out of shape, unhappy, recluse, bitter, friendless, no skills - Henriette Hallstrom has work to do. A lot of growing. A lot of dieting. A lot of training. And with little skill in the way of her teleportation -  A LOT OF PRACTICE. And with this comes a lot of bellyaching.


An original approach to a told tale, Abnormal is a superhero journey with a twist. Have you ever wondered what it would really be like if someone were living in this world with a superpower? Abnormal is my, hopefully, both amusing and touching take on this. Hope to see you over at the page! 






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