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Power Supply good enough?

14 March 2015 - 08:47 AM

Hey Fellas, bought me some new PC stuff but at the end besides the boot from the ssd I dont really feel such a huge 'difference' between now and my older system, even tho the difference should be huge imo.


Old System:


CPU: AMD phenom(boxed)

GPU: gtx 560 TI

RAM: 8gb ram (only 4 at the end because one of the ram was defect)

DISK: 1TB hd.

Power Supply: random 500w



Current System:


CPU: i7 4790k (not oc'd)

GPU: gtx 970 palit jetstream

RAM: 8gb RAM

CPU FAN: macho rev. B

DISK: crucial 256 SSD

Power supply: corsair 500w


I also tryed to stream some 'League of Legends'. My FPS was staple at 150-200 that time but still had some bad issues while moving the camera, which I can't explain because my CPU should be able to do that.  :mellow: 



I tryed some free 3D Benchmark Tests for CPU & GPU, the Results was okay.

You still think the 500w power supply could be not enough? Would appreciate any kind of help.

I'm pretty bad at this topic.