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Hi! My Name Is Christopher :D

06 January 2015 - 03:22 AM

Hello forum! My name is Christopher! Before I introduce myself, I really love this forum layout and types of topics it has. I see a lot of people who comment on interesting topics, from what looks like to me everyone here is very friendly within this community and that's always great to see!


Now to introduce myself.


  • My name is Christopher and my hobbies are skating, solving mathematical problems and best of all, Computer Science!


  • I do have a console but it's only an Xbox 360 to the people who wanted to know cx


  • I absoulutely love playing steam shooter games such as Counter Stirke GO and Pay Day 2


  • I love making new friends and socializing with newer people with many personalaties. Just not the mean ones .-.


  • I am curently a 17 year old in Junior High school but partially already finished my college credits within my school (:

So That is basically all I can think of to talk about myself right now cx If you need to know any more about me feel free to comment, add, or send me a message! Thanks for reading about me and I hope everyone has a wonderful Night / Day !