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Epic RC Robot Battle based on LEGO – Kickstarter movie project

27 September 2014 - 01:22 PM

Hi! :)  


Together with some other NERD friends we started a robot battle contest in which we use tuned LEGO RC robots to battle inside a destructible city ;)

We want to make a big show out of it and record it as video ^^


The robots have tuned motors and we control them with 2.4ghz system. So we can use more tanks and robots the same time in missions and races etc. And everything already work.


Now we try to find new friends specialy for building the city and robots together, or helping record the video and driving the vehicles. But anyway we are happy about every feedback, about your ideas for this contest.


We already have a prototype running which we show in this video:



And we give away flyers and poster for free as long as we still have some ;-)

The Kickstarter Pages starting soon.


Hope to get your feedback,

Ray and the roboter NERD team ^^


PS: You can reply here, send message or mail to markus@freakwave.de , whatever you like.