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Posted by Patricia Konarski TucsonUA on 31 May 2014 - 06:58 PM



I'm Patricia Konarski of Tucson, AZ, as indicated (in my title and in my bio page).  Before I go on to introduce myself, I would just like to thank the creators of this forum for permitting others with similar interests to interact online.


As indicated above, I currently live in Tucson, AZ; I have been living in Tucson for quite some time—I have found it to be a great retirement community. (I'd like to say I'm related to famous poet Feliks Konarski, educational reformer Stanislaw Konarski, and even historic politician Szymon Konarski, but, unfortunately, I'm not—at least I am not aware that I am related at this point.  Yes, if you are wondering, I do have an interest in genealogy.)  While I enjoy traveling, and find other cities interesting, I can never imagine leaving Tucson because it's such a great city.  However, admittedly, Tucson has not fared too well in cultivating its own intense following of book lovers; I have tried to address that with my founding of the Tucson Book Social club.  In short, it is a club that allows people of similar interests in Tucson to get together at least once a month and discuss books, etc.  So, if you are ever in the Tucson area, please be sure to e-mail (Patricia.Konarski@outlook.com), and I'll be sure to send you the necessary information about our next gathering.


With that said, I consider myself a writing buff, and, correspondingly, I just love books, both as a (retired) professional and on a personal level.  At the risk of sounding cliché, books are passports to adventures of an infinite abundance.  On this social media page, I will offer some of my opinions in the field of literature; I tend to rise early and find myself as a night owl at times, so the times of my postings will vary.


When I'm not completely enthralled by a great book that I'm reading out of pleasure, I am usually reading other literary works as a freelance editor; I am the owner, in fact, of Patricia Konarski Literary Services of Tucson.  I also act as a bookkeeper and book collector.


As to my university education background:  I got my undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley (Go Golden Bears!) in 1962, and focused on literary works. I intend on going to the University of Arizona in Tucson to obtain my master's degree in English, with an emphasis in literature.  The University of Arizona offers an excellent master's degree program. (Of course, the UA also has a great basketball team--go UA!)


That's my spiel for now.


Thanks for reading my introduction posting.


Best regards,


Patricia Konarski

--Freelance editor and owner of Patricia Konarski Literary Services of Tucson

My MeetMe page:  http://www.meetme.com/member/95921950