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Why divorce rate in the western part of the world is so high?

12 April 2022 - 02:41 AM

Sometimes divorce is necessary when the relationship gets abusive or toxic but the western part of the world has seen a huge ratio of divorces without any solid grounds. It has been studied that the reason for these divorces is because western people have more options and distractions that do not allow them to stay loyal to their respective partners. Secondly; they are not ready to compromise. Yesterday; I was buying assignment writing services from https://www.ukassign...gpa-calculator/ when I saw a documentary on the very same question that caught my attention and I thought of giving my opinion to it as well.

Comparison between DNA and RNA

08 April 2022 - 12:28 AM

DNA and RNA are biological polymers whose main function is to store genetic information. Some of the basic elements of both these molecules are also similar like sugar, phosphate backbone, and nitrogenous bases. However; both these polymers vary in functions as DNA acts as the carrier of genetic information whereas RNA plays an integral role in coding, decoding, and expression of genes. I often Buy Essay Service In Boston for my biology class and it is from there that I managed to comprehend the proper comparison between the two.