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does anyone know a free dvd decrypting software

18 June 2012 - 07:16 PM

I've looked at several. one working great, but only twice then it started to acting up
DVDvideosoft being the name

the others all being fine, but embedding a horrible watermark onto the video

"Ben-to", a battle of honour... and half priced food

09 January 2012 - 10:22 PM

As a first review I'm reviewing Ben-to. A fun though slightly generic shounen anime with the premiss of a Group of high school students( who call themselves,"wolves", who gather at super markets to do battle with each other. All in the name of half priced meals. the story focus's a rather generic shounen male lead, Yo Sato. While there is really nothing special about him, he is a fun character to look at and see interact with his friends, the the same could be said  for most of the other characters, slightly generic but still very fun. Though the series does have a couple of bad things i have to say about it, namely 3 characters.

Posted Image( our lead)
  The first two are a set of twins who also happen to be a "pack" of wolves that go by the name,"Othros"; named after the twin-headed dog in roman mythology. My problem with them is that seem to break the rules of the anime. Without getting into spoilers, they appear to have super human strength and agility, able to use  common shopping baskets as both means to launch themselves into the air at super human speeds, landing  hits on their opponent at unbelievable speeds.  While also using the baskets as a means of attack themselves, creating what appears to be a "black vortex of incredible power". Needless to say after their introduction, i face palmed, and said to myself,"That's not how baskets work."
Posted Image( thats right you should feel bad)
  The other character i have a problem with is a side character, Ume Shiraume. Now being a side character i never would of thought that she would infuriate me the way she did. Seriously, personally I have never been this infuriated with a single character, but she is absolutely horrible, with absolutely no redeeming factors. If she were gone, i could honestly say this anime would be better for it, she does nothing but drag the show down, in every scene she is in she commits horrible violent actions against Sato, because she has twisted feelings for a girl in her class, who he has befriended; thank goodness she is in very few scenes, because she had almost ruined the show for me in the few that she was.
Posted Image( she  infuritates me just too look at her)
   Now, as i said before, i do like the show, its characters while generic are very fun. The premise of the show is quite silly, while the execution is near flawless, if you enjoy fighting anime  or ecchi anime, or both i can do nothing but recommend it. I hope you enjoy