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vaccum help shaving cream science understand

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#1 boba



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Posted 05 January 2018 - 09:58 PM

Can someone please explain this science to me. It's all happening inside a vacuum chamber!!!



Thank you!

#2 idk



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Posted 17 January 2018 - 08:59 PM

My basic (and probably wrong) explanation is as follows, the pressure change in the vacuum chamber is physically forcing the particles in the shaving gel apart as the oxygen and other misc particles are ripped out of the chamber. Oxygen bubbles trapped in the gel (as well as bubbles of gasses from the manufacturing process) are also being ripped out of the gel.


#3 Algae_Bruh



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Posted 31 January 2018 - 08:11 AM

Haha alright so what he said is right - pressure IS what keeps the gel together initially. What happens in a vacuum is you're taking out all the air molecules which, believe it or not, has some weight to it. The removal of this weight burden is what makes the gel expand. Just think of a nice lion stretch :)

#4 odc



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Posted 03 February 2018 - 09:44 AM

Hi boba,


atmospheric pression at low altitude (sea level) is a huge force per area (~ 1 Kg / cm2). So, even if molecules have a big energy (thanks to ambiant temperature), they are not powerful enough to fight against this force. But when pression vanishes, ambiant temperature is large enought to make molecules leave the little pot and get vaporized. It is the same phenomenon that explains why water boils at less than 100°C (212 °F) in the mountains or in any low pressure spaces.

Some molecules keep connexions with their neighboors and finally encompass some air, creating bubbles. We can guess that gel molecules are something like "amphiphilic" like soap, which means that they have one side of the molecule which is hydrophilic and the other which is hydrophobic and thus being able to create a thin surface that will enclose air.

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