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I made a Cosplay Documentary!

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Posted 20 June 2016 - 06:38 AM

Hello world! biggrin.gif
I'm a camera operator and a student, I chose to do a documentary about a belgian cosplayer named Idromy. She agreed to get intimate with me about her relationship to her passion. Here's what she had to say when she shared it on her personal facebook page:

"Had the wonderful Marion Descy following me with her camera for a while, she needed to make a short documentary for school. As a topic she chose me and my hobby Cosplay.
You will see that the first part is me explaining bits and bobs of having Cosplay as a hobby.
The second part however i will talk about a sensitive subject. Namely something that i really hate, LABELS.

I unfortunately see many people stick a label on others, not just cosplayers, but anybody that is slightly different. Even worse i see people self diagnosing themselves or others.
And sometimes i see young people really broken up about it, and i care about this greatly.
And if you have seen this video you might find out why.
At 13 right before i came to Belgium i got wrongly diagnosed with a form of Autism ( asperger syndrome). I will admit as a young teen i was not social and cooped up in my own world, yet there where reasons for that.
It took my years to come to the conclusion that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, even if others told me this daily.
Having such a ****ty label ruined my teen years, because it made me think i was faulty or somehow less a human than others.

I will forever be grateful of cosplay as a hobby, because partly due to it and the great friends i made. I finally realised i wasn't faulty at all."

Long story short,here it is for your viewing pleasure! https://www.youtube....h?v=2B4s4rlXUpI
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