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my idea for back to the future part 4 let me know what you think

marty mcfly doc brown biff time travel Si-Fi pradox delorean 21st of october 2015

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Posted 22 October 2015 - 10:14 PM

Been knocking this idea around in my head for a while, rant about it my friends sometimes but don't really have any friends that like Back to the future, and certainly not as big as me. So I would appreciate allot if some fans out there would give give me some honest opinions about it. And if anyone would like to use my idea on there website, a video or use and expand upon it fell free just send me the links so I can see your twist on it or your own ideas for a part 4. If any budding film makes out there want to make a fan movie from it or even just to do a YouTube video about id love to see them. I've been adding and expanding on this for a while now so here are just the highlights.


After arriving back in his own time in hill valley Marty realises that since he never got injured in the car accident he and Jennifer realise that they have a chance now at a happier future like Marty's parents. After seeing everything he saw and hearing people say he could have gone far when he went to 2015 in the movie it gives him more confident and a new drive for his new career in music. He borrowed money of his dad to realise his first album it was an instant hit. For the next six years he was one of the most famous and liked musician constantly driving music forward homing his sound and skill winning many awards and smashing sales records selling out stadiums. The whole time managing to not only finish high school but to get one of the first ever degrees in modern music.


That was until he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease he thought his career was over then until his father told him that he has so much more to offer, and he use his degree and his independent label to do something Fly Records was born.


He quickly realised that the future he saw with doc wont come in his lifetime and that something was wrong with the timeline many medical and technology advances they seen were still far off including the ones that saved his fathers life when he fell ill. Instead being in our present 2015. Marty decided though one night while looking at an old license plate the only piece of the  DeLorean he kept as he studied the plans doc made for the time machine. He is pretty confident he could build it again and fix everything they changed unbelievably having George ridiculed by Biff again a rough relationship with his wife.. He realised if he change everything back he could end up in the future where his and Jennifer's marriage was on the rocks he was poor with no job his kids were idiots his soon faced the possibility of going to jail. He decided that he was happy in his current life and that he could make things worse so he bunt the plans for the time machine and vowed to use his successes to make the world a better place crating many foundations and organisations to help people around the world.


He wakes up on October 21st realising that this was the day doc and he travelled to 2015 and notes things sure are different. He goes out to the old brown house left to him in the case of docs death knowing doc was not really dead he kept it exactly the same in case he ever returned as he looks at the old amp the model town and all the other great memories here he hears a loud crash.


He goes outside to see doc and Clara outside after raising there children the let them chose there favourite time in history to settle down have a family and a normal life. Doc decided to return to his life in 2015 that he left behind during part 2. He is shocked to see the future so different then the one he fondly remembered, asking Marty why he never tried to fix things. He emplanes to doc that he is happy here. Marty then asks doc please just keep it this way. That night after a huge party to welcome him back doc sitting on his own thinking how could Marty be so selfish to put his happiness over the better meant of humanity. 


Apologizing to a sleeping Marty he hopes in his train time machine to fix everything. As he stands there back yet again to 1885 he is about to destroy the time machine so none of this could happen not know what would happen once he changed everything he takes the time to look at the gift Marty gave him he opened it to see a picture of all of them from earlier at his welcome home party Marty and his parents Jennifer there two kids him self and Clara smiling back up at him, with a simple hand written message wrote on a sticky note stuck to the frame saying "It may not be the future you left old friend, but together we can make it great." He smiled and decided to leave things the way they are for the first time in a long time doc had no idea what was going to happen but he would work hard to make the future what he wants it to be instead of remembering it for what it was......  



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