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#1 No-Danico


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Posted 16 December 2014 - 11:29 PM

Don't you love romantic comedies with lovey-dovey heartfelt romance? Me neither. Fuck that. Fuck it in its puckered pink arse hole.


Anywho, here's something I hammered out yesterday. A heart pounding romance? Tear jerking moments of tenderness that will make you wanna suplex a kitten? Back stories that will make you hope someone gonna get stabbed? Genre savvy, whip-smart characters with hilarious dialog? Well, I don't know if this has any of those things, but it does have words put in semi-coherent order! You want commas? I'll overuse the hell out of those! Capital Letters Everywhere!


Edgar never thought too deeply about love. It never worked and he just expected it to always fail. Six months was the lifespan of his longest relationship. Love never lasts. His heart, jaded from years of letdown, expects pain at the death of every relationship. 'It's easier to live alone than be hurt again,' is the way he thinks.
So when he meets Maeve, the woman of his dreams, who is firmly anti-love, he doesn't know what to do. And his heart grows even more confused when she lies and announces him as her boyfriend in front of her family. Is it a dream? A nightmare? 'This is my (fake) boyfriend!'
'I have no idea what I am doing'
-Dustin C. Stone


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Posted 17 December 2014 - 04:21 AM

The oven dinged and I lost focus the rest of the night hahahaha

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