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DS9 or Voyager

star trek

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Posted 03 November 2014 - 12:30 PM

Forget the debate over TNG or TOS, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, let's get to the crucial conflict that's on everyone's minds.


Which is better, DS9 or Voyager, and why?


In this i'm just assuming everyone agrees that ENT was terrible. 



My take, DS9 over Voyager.  The writing on Voyager is crummy but the acting is worse. It has the 2nd worst cast (ENT has the worst).  


DS9 has its dumb bottle episodes, BUT, i think overall the stories are more interesting.  The cast is much better, with the secondary actors being some of the best in the franchise. The minor characters are great,   Garik springs to mind.  And Dukat is just a fantastic vilain.  His rabid megalomania masking his crippling insecurity, his obsession with other people beliving he's right.  Great depth.


The Borg Queen was just the head vampire of the vampire nest.  Nothing really going on there, and a lot of cliches about achieving "perfection".  Perfection was the late 90s equivalent of the earlier cliche of "innocence" being what weird Big Bads loved about their victims.


Anyhow, do you guys think i'm nuts?



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