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I need 3.5 D&D help

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Posted 26 September 2014 - 11:43 AM

Okay well me and my friend have created a deity for a campaign we are doing and i need to get 21 feats before class bonus feats :/ i was just shocked i have next to no clue what feats to go with if you guys could help that would be the bomb better description of the god is his name is Nosoi Hes is the god of Disease,Madness, and the undead.(in this campaign its a bunch of costume gods so none of the gods refereed to in the players handbook or any other book are in this game.) He is a lvl 20 Druid,Lvl 10 cancer mage, Lvl 10 Vermin lord (Vermin lord and cancer mage are in the vile book of darkness ;) its evilly awesome) He has a divine rank of 16. And he is a chaotic evil. And his race is (more like the form he takes when he isnt haveing fun) Thri-kreen. If theres anything elsa you want to know just ask here and ill let ya know