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Mechanical keyboards and planned desktop ugrades

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Posted 21 August 2014 - 06:45 AM

So now that I'm working I think it's time to start considering the PC upgrades I want to make.


So far I have a few ideas:


  • Move TV over from my dresser to my desk. (same resolution, almost same size as my two IPS displays)
  • New fans to get air movement in my room
  • Give desktop a huge cleanup inside and out. Isopropyl bath or replacement for anything too dirty to be cleaned by an air can.
  • Possibly migrate desktop into my larger case (would have to put it on top of my desk, there is a tower shelf, but the bigger case is too tall.)
  • Get a Mechanical keyboard. Full size, Cherry MX reds/browns, dedicated media keys (volume, play/pause, FF/RW, mute, etc)
  • New disk drive, mine has been dead for about 3 months now but I've been wanting to play Diablo 3 again. might go for a bluray R/RW drive.
  • PC gaming racing wheel kit, (wheel, shifter, pedals, etc) probably something like a Logitech G27 or one of the high end Fanatec wheel kits.
  • New graphics card. Currently looking at the R9 2xx series as an upgrade to my HD7870.
  • Sell my Xbox360 when GTA V PC comes out and has had some reviews. (this will fund the purchase of a basic GTAV PC copy on Steam, and then whatever on the list above hasn't been done.

So as we all know, it's the gaming stuff that's important so lets hear some suggestions on the gaming/PC stuff above.


Right now for keyboards I'm looking at this: http://www.ncix.com/...-77806-1572.htm

I've also looked at a few other models, the media keys on that keyboard are EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Those programmable hotkeys (the Gkeys) have been useful on my G110 too >.>


I'm selling the Xbox stuff because the only game I ever play on mine now is GTA V, there are no X360 exclusives I care about enough to want to play again. The last interesting halo game was ODST, and I don't play Forza anymore now that there are some decent racing sims in the works for PC.




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Posted 22 August 2014 - 06:47 PM

Ummm... For keyboards what you're looking at is actually really good. Atleast I think. I mean I never actually used it but most of my friends have the Logitech G710 and they seem pretty happy w/it. If you were looking on going all out on quality though I would recommend ducky channel but I honostly dont think you would like it, haha! Idk though you should go for the G710 unless someone else here has a better insight on that kind of thing. I also don't really like Razer products, never had any luck with them. So that's all I know and gl!