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C.D.B. - A Scaring Life - Part 1 ~ Sipsy

CDB C.D.B. cats dogs beastiality A scaring life part 1 sipsy

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Posted 13 December 2013 - 03:37 PM

Warning: Please know you are risking being scared.
It was a sunny day.
The sun was shimmering.
The puzzle shaped clouds were smiling.
I was smiling back at them.
It was a normal day.
I was walking to Polk elementary school.
I walked into Ms. Wanks's class room.
The scent of her perfume filled the room and made it feel like home.
It comforted me. I took my seat next to the only special needs kid in the whole school
I got the lucky privledge of getting to sit right next to him.
He was in a wheel chair.
Attached to the wheel chair was his golden retriever.
We called her Courteous.
This was because the word of the month on the first day of school was courteous.
I spoke to the special needs kid, "Goodmorning Ken!"
He had trouble turning to look at me he kind of just tilted his haid on his shoulder
Then he spoke "Hi."
Yes special needs people can still talk normally you fucking cunt.
Oops! Sorry, excuse my french. 
I have a problem getting carried away with bad words because of my brother. 
He is in 9th grade, a freshman.
Whenever I talk to him he curses like a sailor.
Anywho, I pet Courteous and she licked my palm. 
Her smelly, slimy drool ran down my hand and I wanted so badly to wipe it away.
I couldn't!
She was starring me down like reptar on his prey.
So I left it and during this whole time Ms.Wank was passing out a test. 
She put the test bubble sheet and a thick packet on my desk.
I took my wet hand and picked up my pencil and got to work.
I finished the test.
It was easy peasy lemon squezy.
I turned it into Ms. Wank's desk.
I walked back to my seat. 
We had 20 more minutes until recess.
I look over at Ken.
He is still working.
I decide i should surprise him with an oragami swan.
I got to work and i whipped one up in about 15 minutes.
It took a while to perfect it's beauty.
I had to push Ken up so he could turn in his test. 
When we got back I pulled out the swan.
His eyes lit up and I could see his smile.
I handed it to him.
Then the unexpected happened!
He immediatlly shoved it in his mouth.
I looked at him as he was trying to fit the rest of his wing in his small 10 year old mouth
Instead of punching him straight in his face I just smiled and took my seat.
A few minutes later Ken finished his swan, and the bell rang.
I went to go see my only friends...
I skipped a grade.
I am only 8 years old and in 4th grade.
I have no friends.
So I just see my other kind 'friend.'
I walk to my first grade teachers class, Mrs. Van Funk.
She had a classroom pet.
His name was Bob.
I thought that was the most stupidest name ever, but that is all her class could come up with.
I told her that it was stupid and she agreed and we just called him Wes because his light tan
fur reminded it of the western deserts.
I would come talk to him and play with yarn with him for our 15 minute recess break.
My old teacher didn't mind and she knew what was going on eventhough I never really metioned it
So I did my basic routine with Wes.
I fed him cat food, emptied his litter box, and I played with him.
This took about the 15 minute break because I would never be hungry, and lunch is
only 2 hours after recess.
The bell rang so I went back to class.
I took my seat and our teacher tought us math and science.
It all was a blur and really shouldn't be explained because it was the simplest stuff.
So I will skip to after school.
The final bell rang for school to get out. 
I pushed Ken to his mom's car and told her that Ken was good today.
She thanked me and I started my trek home. 
I lived right across the street from school so it isn't
that interesting.
I walked in the door into the living room, to the kitchen, grabbed a snack and ran 
upstairs to my room
Why was there another bag at the door?
I am always the first one home.
Then I herd interesting noises out of my brother's room. 
He must of came home early or something.
It sounded like a weird smacking noise.
Is my brother getting beat?
Is someone else home?
I got jumpy and ran straight into his room expecting to save him.
It was much worse...
He was on the computer.
Pants down.
His long pale cock was turning pink because he was doing something weird to it with his hands
What is this?
It was like time freezed and I'm noticing all this stuff while in slow motion he is hiding 
his pale pudgent cock in his pants and his mouse frantically closing out windows.
Before he closed it I already saw it... 
I looked at his screen.
Screetching, more smacking noises, and meows were being exchanged.
It was a cat.
A dude.
I never saw anything like it.
The cat was being plundered by a black sturdy penis and the cat looked
as if it was gasping for it's last breath.
Then the window closed.
My brother looked at me.
"What the fuck are you doing home already!?"
I couldn't speak for my eyes were watering with "what? fuck, who are you
He pushed me outside the room and shut his door. 
I was so confused.
I walked into my room and sat down on my buzz lightyear bed.
I didn't know what to do, what to say, if anything.
So I got my backpack and pulled out my homework packet and just worked on it.
I finished it as I could here the garage door opening.
Mom, dad!
I was about to open up my door when my brother ran into my bed room and whispered.
I just sat down on my bed and he went to his room and slammed my door shut behind his raging fury.
I knew that if I told my mom or dad I would be killed.
My mom came into my room. I looked at my clock. 
It stroke 7:30.
"Why do you look like you've seen a ghost?"
I just shrugged.
"Maybe you should turn in for the night early," she said.
I agreed because I wanted to end the conversation fast.
She walked out of my room and silently shut the door. 
I got my hippo pajamas on and jumped in bed.
I put the covers over my head and thought what I just witnessed 4 hours ago.
Wondering what just happened. I knew my brother wouldn't be home tomorrow when I return from school.
So I made up the plan to go see what was on his computer before he got home.
Yeah! Okay! I'm sure there is a good reason.
So I shut off my lamp and fell asleep.
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