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...So I just got my first PC gameboy emulator...

legend of zelda pokemon emulators

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#1 Alterega



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Posted 09 July 2013 - 05:39 PM

Okay, I've been a diehard Pokemon fan. The only other handheld videogames I've ever played was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on GBC (amazingly good, if you haven't played it, play it HERE: http://www.playr.org..._stone/988#play) and Powerpuff Girls: Bubbles (not so good. I kept dying... which makes me unhappy and makes me give the game an automatic boo!)


But I realized, THERE ARE SO MANY GAMES TO PLAY USING AN EMULATOR THAT I'VE NEVER TRIED.  :ph34r: Legend of Zelda?? Kingdom Hearts??? Final Fantasy???? I don't live in a hole. I've heard of these games. I've seen them before! But I never got them. My pokemon wouldn't let me. But this was my time to break away!


So I started playing Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass on Desmume and I got hooked. It was gorgeous! Link was adorable! I actually laughed at the story plot! Then I got greedy... ish. I got to the Temple of Fire, and I couldn't get past these pools of lava! It really annoyed me that I couldn't jump and the fact that I could die so easily irked me, so I got a mega-jump cheat and an infinite health cheat (I spoiled the fun, right?). Sure enough, when I got blocked inside a room full of ghosts that wouldn't die, I just jumped out. Too impatient to fight a bunch of zapping slug thingies to get a key? I just jumped over them.


Soon, I jumped so much that I skipped way too much stuff and my game totally started messing up. So I got irked and I decided to call Zelda for quits because I was so frustrated! (lame me, right?) Then I started playing Kingdom Hearts: 358-2 Days. I was so intrigued by the story plot (mind you, I didn't know anything about Kingdom Hearts before playing this except the time I read the first book in the series of anime... but I couldn't go further because my library didn't have any continuing copies!) that I decided to learn what had happened before this game.




I was SO confused. I went on a Kingdom Hearts wiki and I was absolutely lost by the end of 3 paragraphs. What on earth was going on? Kingdom Hearts is owned by Disney? HOW? It was so DARK!  :ph34r: 


Then I escaped back to Pokemon. I couldn't take change any longer! I needed to get back to some familiar non-human faces. Well guess what? I downloaded Pokemon Black, and before I had played black the most recent Pokemon game I'd played was Emerald. So when I saw the new pokemon I had to choose from for a starter pet... the old pokemon elitist in me protested. 


My brain: "They're sooooo ugly!!! EW!!!!"


Thus is my experience with emulators so far. Call me shallow. Call me lame. But I'm going to get back into emulators. Or maybe I shouldn't play DS-emulator games. Time to get back to playing GBC/GBA games....  -_- 

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#2 SushiKitten


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Posted 09 July 2013 - 05:58 PM

Kingdom Hearts is so confusing. there's a lot going on. But yeah, it's Disney. Though with 358/2 Days, that one follows the Organization, doesn't it? My boyfriend gave it to me, there was a time when he tried to turn me into a gamer. I got about halfway, got stuck, and never really finished it, aha. The first two games on Playstation are good, though. My sister and I played them when we were younger and loved them to bits. You visit a bunch of Disney worlds and in the second game, you fight the Organization. They're pretty good.


And I refuse to play any Pokemon game past Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. I just didn't like the fourth or fifth generation. They're coming out with a new one now, Pokemon X and Y, I almost want to buy a 3DS to play it. Almost. I really like the new eevee evolution. It's adorable.




I definitely like the older games over the DS games though, that might be why I never had a DS, only borrowed it from my sister whenever I wanted to play the only DS game I ever got fully engrossed in, The World Ends With You.

#3 Alterega



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Posted 09 July 2013 - 06:23 PM

Heyy Sushi :)


Yep! It follows the Organization. I kinda started drooling imagining impossible virtual romances with some of the members uh, thinking about stuff when I first saw the intro to all the members of the Organization, hehe. 


Well, you see... I've NEVER had an actual TV-hooked-up console before. Yep. No PSPs or Xboxes, not even Wiis. I've been meaning to get one (I can definitely afford it) but I've always been such a freak about schoolwork and grades that I've chickened out each time. </3


Ooh! What pokemon is that? I'm giving Pokemon Black a try, the pokemon COULD be worse... my friend did point out some cool-ish looking ones. Like the 3rd generation of Oshawott, Samurott.





Haha, I'm kind of scared of the 3DS because I heard it gives people seizures... and I'm one to get dizzy easily... haha. I lost my GBA and my DS on airplanes, so I don't trust myself with handhelds anymore. The only survivor left I have is a GBA SD :(

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Posted 09 July 2013 - 08:18 PM

BTW, the Harry Potter you're talking about is the turn based rpg, right? It's the only good Harry Potter game. So simple, yet, exquisite. The crafting wasn't too bad for a Gameboy game, either.


Well, there's an DS emulator for you to try Black out. But the fire-pig has a cooler final evolution:




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I love emulators, like capturing a small part of my childhood.


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Posted 10 July 2013 - 10:28 AM

BTW, the Harry Potter you're talking about is the turn based rpg, right? It's the only good Harry Potter game. So simple, yet, exquisite. The crafting wasn't too bad for a Gameboy game, either.

Right? I completely agree with you. I loved the flexibility of the game - there was lots of room to collect cards, gather tons of ingredients to make potions, and candy/stuff to buy to make the game seem more of like a real RPG. I heard the later versions were just so-called "boring mediocre action adventure games". As you can see, I totally dig customization. I love being able to have more choices to do different things in games. My friend and I were just imagining how cool it'd be if you could choose to be any character you wanted in a HP game, even being someone evil like a Death Eater. Not everybody wants to be good 100% of the time.. and people to mix up their games once in a while. I'd totally love to have that option, frankly. 


I guess Samurott and Emboar are plain radical. Poor Seperior. Firstly, I hate the name. How snobby can you get? Also, it looks similar to one of my least favorite pokemon (mainly because it kept whooping my ass while I was battling the Elite 4 in Emerald!), Milotic. And also because I've never chosen a grass-type for a starter pokemon because I'm narrow minded enough about my pokemon to never get a grass type in my party. (Sorry, Bulbasaur. I still do love you so.)



Just get a load of that! It's definitely "serperior" than you, right?


Yeah, especially since I lost all my handhelds, I definitely don't trust myself with buying any more of them. So emulators it is! I think the GBC emulators bring back the most nostalgia for me... it all started with Pokemon Gold. That was my first-ever videogame I ever owned. Played it until its eventual death on a Japan Airlines flight... but because it's Japan Airlines I haven't cried over it because I feel like the Japanese are going to take good care of my limited-edition pikachu GBC. I hope some happy 7-year old Japanese boy is having a blast with it... :')

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