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Need Help with Symbolic Links in Windows [7]

symbolic soft link hard link link symlink windows junction pointer target loop

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#1 Chrissaysay



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Posted 21 October 2012 - 01:32 PM

I've started using symbolic links on my computer. This is mostly so that I can sync folders/files outside of my Dropbox and Skydrive folders. However, even though I know how to create symbolic links and have already created several, I really want answers to some questions before I go any further...

My Questions

1. Many guides I read emphasized that one should never ever create symbolic links within symbolic links because it can cause "looping"...but what is looping exactly? I can't find a definitive answer. Everyone is just like..."Looping is a very very bad thing that you don't want so avoid doing anything that can cause it." :\

2. Can looping occur with any kind of symbolic link--soft, hard, junctions...?

3. What constitutes a symbolic link within a symbolic link?* I can't find a straight answer about this either.

5. If I were to accidentally create a loop, is it correctable? How difficult would it be to fix/remove a loop?

6. What kind of symbolic link would be best for what I am trying to do with Dropbox and Skydrive? I am currently using junctions, but I think I am going to use soft links instead of junctions/hard links because soft links apparently don't take up storage space in Dropbox or Skydrive. Is there any drawback to using soft symbolic links instead of junctions [in this situation]? I don't think it matters, but I could be wrong.

7. If you can, please give examples of situations where using a particular type of symbolic link would work best / better / be preferable. Like, "use a soft link if you want to do this: _____" or even "don't use a hard link if you want to do this:_____" and please explain why.

*My Theories

This section is not necessary to read. It's just my pondering/rambling typed out--It helps me organize thoughts.
If you answer Question #3 please elaborate as much as I have in the following "spoilers".

Theory 1:

Theory 2:

Theory 3:

#2 Wolf



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Posted 21 October 2012 - 03:50 PM

Reading this topic after reading Inception theories all day

Linkception is all I can think of

#3 Chrissaysay



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Posted 21 October 2012 - 08:41 PM

Lol... :lol:

I think I went a little overboard >.>

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