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Basic idea

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Posted 10 July 2012 - 05:51 PM

for my MMO project, that will probably fail

well, definitely fail, unless the indie gods shine their light in my favor [read: definitely fail], but it will be a good learning experience either way, and maybe, one day, I'll be able to remake it with higher quality all around.

These are all just pre-production notes. With no clear choice in client or server software yet, all of this is subject to change, depending on engine acquisition.

Concepts I can copypaste go here

Character Creation

Player creates character. Features are chosen in the following order

Country > Choose starting town for player, also restricts player features, to create diversity. [Will possibly be cut]
Traits > Choose player traits. Special Body features can be unlocked via traits. See Traits explained here
Body > Choose player skin color, facial features, hair style, and miscellaneous features.
>>Skin Color: From pale white to dark tan, depending on player country.
>>Facial Features: Eye style, Eye color, Mouth style, Hair Style, Hair Color.
>>Misc.: Miscellaneous features such as scars and special features unlocked via Traits.
Bio > Choose player stat bias, complete with generic story. Player can create a custom back story and stat bias.
>>Bios: Warrior, Archer, Mage, Merchant, Blacksmith, some other stuff

Basic info
Level Cap - Lv 999, Hard cap
Stat Cap - 999, soft cap

Weapons - change attack style, with no effect on stats, generally. There are exceptions, such as Enchanted weapons and Spirit weapons.

Equipment - Includes Armor/Clothes, Head item, and Overcoat item. Again, generally no stats granted, aside from DEF. [Having three items will immensely help the graphics team, which I can imagine will be small, or possibly just me]

Inventory - High hopes for graphical inventory, last resort is list-type inventory. Depends on game Client decision.


Stats are increased by leveling up. [Still unsure if stats will be granted from training (melee/ranged skills) and reading(Magic skills), or from leveling.] In keeping the game's intended retro feel I felt it best to consolidate the stats into three basics.

Strength - Player's strength, in general affects Max Health, Max Stamina, Defense skill, Melee Damage, Heavy Melee Weapon Balance, Ranged Damage, with various effects on skills.

Dexterity - Player's dexterity, in general affects Stamina consumption, Mana consumption, Parry skill, Dodge skill, Melee Damage Balance, Ranged Damage, Ranged Balance, with various effects on skills, mainly ranged and magic skills.

Magic - Players magical knowledge, in general affects Max MP, Mana consumption, Magic Damage, Spell duration, with various effects on all magical skills.


Skills are split into three categories, Fighting, Magic, and Production.

Fighting - Fighting, duh

Magic - seriously, have you ever played an RPG?

Production - All the boring stuff, like blacksmithing, with some interesting stuff like being a mechant, trainer, town guard, etc. Production skills won't count towards your Lvl.

Quite interesting, I have an Fighting tree drawn down, with a kinda STR to DEX matrix about it, allowing you to easily identify if a skill is STR or DEX based. It's interesting in that both ranged and melee share the same defense mechanics [Block, parry, dodge, plus more], and a player is not necessarily bound to melee or ranged, and a melee fighter's best build isnt just STR, while a ranged fighter's best build isn't just DEX, but a combination of both, according to the players preferred style of play.

Magic is special, it's kinda my brain child, it's completely different that the ranged and melee playing style. It involves study, and dedication, and isn't for the casual players. Each magic skill, from the simplest firebolt to the most complex summon, has a host of variables. STR, DEX, and MAG affect each spell differently, as does the time of day, the weather, your equipment, your opponent's equipment, effective range and much more.

Basic Build Example: Warrior with two short swords, melee skills, equal ranks in both melee and defense skills, and a balanced STR and DEX will produce a fighter who will have a medium-high chance to hit, without being parried [depending on opponent's DEX and Parry skill], with high max damage, HP, and stamina from the STR, and thanks to the DEX he will consistently do more damage [weapon balance causes your damage rolls to be biased towards high dmg], while having a higher parry rate, and easier use of dodge and block skills, with less stamina consumption. Using the unique character balance will be what wins or loses it, though, as a warrior with more concentration on DEX and defense skills can use that to stay unscathed while landing a few blows here and there, while a warrior with high STR can win by sheer force if his guard is down.


I have alot more, including a deep, complex, and challenging magic system with flavor-textbooks and whatnot, a melee vs ranged system that allows for all character builds of stats/skills to be plausible [with a lot of leeway for future skills to be easily balanced, made possible by simplified systems]. Only truly unbalanced build right now is purposely sabotaged characters, with all stats in MAG, with no Magic skills.

All of this happens to be written down on paper, though, for various reasons my ideas work best on paper.

Also, I am aware that none of this is groundbreaking or innovative, alot of it has already been implemented in other games, it's just some of the backbone of my game, intended to be simple, with a touch of originality. The truly innovative mechanics are being kept hush-hush at the moment, but I do have some ideas for some interesting gameplay, most given to me or abstracted from hardcore MMO gamers I know who want to see the mechanics at work.

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Posted 11 July 2012 - 09:59 AM

This conversation IRL quickly becomes a brainstorm of great ideas

Posting it here did nothing

Son, I am so disappoint

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Posted 11 July 2012 - 11:25 AM

I think there's not enough people who understand game design here yet.

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Posted 12 July 2012 - 10:47 AM

What's to understand? You shoot out game ideas, and I tell you how plausible it would be, and if it would work for/against what we're trying to achieve

If people are afraid I'm going to steal their "brilliant master ideas", they need to wake the fuck up, ideas are the cheapest thing for me to accrue

I don't know how to put this nicely

People have ideas

Development teams are filled with people

Ergo: Ideas are cheap

It's why I'm not afraid to post all of my ideas and mechanics in detail, nobody is going to steal my ideas, they probably have too many already

ALSO: Decided to replace bows with guns, as they are easier to animate. That and I wanted to have bows and guns be viable for ranged players, even sharing the same skills, but there were skills that just wouldn't translate from one to the other well. So I decided to cut out bows.

And that's why preproduction is a great step.