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Sword Arts Online

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Posted 10 July 2012 - 10:54 AM

It's like a less thought-out .hack//

Only one episode has been released, and it is so-so. Pacing was good, though.

Only thing is, I'm finding plot holes you could drive a semi through.


so, the logout button has been removed, and the only way to leave is to beat the game. How did the publisher agree to that?

"So, you're saying our clients won't be able to log off, even if they wanted to"


"And, if their families try to log them off, the clients will die"


"And we are only supposed to sell a small number of copies at release, arbitrarily, even though we are distributing it online"




Ok, even if you manage to believe that crazy creator guy created and published the game by himself, now you have other technical issues arising.

1. Latency for a VR game sounds like it would fuck up your world
2. "Server connection timed out" is now a horrible death sentence
3. Day One goldfarmers and botters are now extremely happy they arent playing the game themselves. [The Beta was playable for six months, more than enough time for some simple bots]
4. The VR helmet uses microwaves. If you are designing a device to be worn on your head like a helmet, inches from your brain, that scans your brain and whatnot and is "intercepting signals", why would you entrust it to microwaves? And even so, why would it have the capability of frying your brain? That should have raised some red flags >_>
5. A character mentioned that they were hungry, and that even though eating food in the world would make you feel like you arent hungry anymore, you still are. Meaning players now have 4 days tops to beat the game, or fall victim to dehydration. [The VR helmet intercepts your brain signals, so even with the help of your family, good luck swallowing water]
6. Hundreds of people died at launch, and yet it gets in the news before the government tries to step in?

Sword Arts Online, I hope it gets better, but from the coherency of the first episode, I doubt it.