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Mister Sympa

With the amount of bots for Norton I have to clean up, they have really reinforced that they are just the shittiest company. Fuck Norton.
Sep 24 2019 09:41 AM
  • Grolli's Photo
    naah.. but for the right price, they will sell you the viruses they check for.
    Sep 24 2019 06:07 PM
  • Mister Sympa's Photo
    Mister Sympa
    Sep 25 2019 08:23 AM
  • bombeast's Photo
    Oh yeah, and McAfee sucks just as bad. I get pop-ups asking me to download their software very often. I don't use my computer that much anyway, so I don't even have any antivirus software. Who needs it?
    Sep 28 2019 12:27 AM