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Mister Sympa

Watch what you say, kids love me more than lunch. I'm not the one with my face on some whack-ass Captain Crunch.
Jun 21 2019 12:30 PM
  • Clippy's Photo
    Is it serious to explode in prison? I think it tastes better for the concert with my belts.
    Everything else here was made up by humans. Religion, politics, culture, computers walking on the moon, and the case of bleakness. You need more cats and a tank sharpener. Making videos is a wild thing for corn cakes. Tasty lighter is not drive. It is just what I always wanted, but without the conservatives or artificial taste. Try Meek's Painapple Candy right now and have some sugar rush!
    Jun 25 2019 05:44 PM
  • bombeast's Photo
    ^ Best thing I've read all month.
    Jun 26 2019 04:26 PM
  • Grolli's Photo
    Holy stoned shit!
    Jun 30 2019 07:51 AM